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Wild turkeys and human life

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Wild turkeys and human life an example of our lives intertwine.

Life in the woods with wild animals trespassing on a daily bases I get to observe how their lives intertwine and resemble ours.

Take the wild turkeys 15 of them to be exact coming and going throughout the day, looking for food for survival.

As they come upon a bed of bird feed intended for the squirrels and small birds the turkeys gather at the bottom of the bird feeders quickly gobbling up the small parcel of feed the birds knocked out of the feeder.

Each turkey pushing, shoving and climbing over one and other to get some of the delightful feed.

I noticed how one turkey became violent attacking a turkey at his neck and dragging it away from the rafter, I wanted to go out and scare it off; opening the door and yelling did nothing to the two birds.

I gathered up another portion of bird feed and walked out scattering it around on the ground making sure not to pile it up; making a large area so all turkeys could get their share.

It’s funny to watch them; one slowly walks back and starts pecking at the feed and all of a sudden the rest come running, pushing into one another.

As one quickly pecks, three others run over push it out of the way to peck what it was eating.

It doesn’t matter to them they ran over other food on the ground to get to this one turkeys feed, they saw it had something and wanted what it had.

As they scratch at the feed throwing some of it around and digging up roots of the trees in doing so, I decided I needed to find a spot they wouldn’t kill off trees.

Hard to do in a forest, but I found a small area that wouldn’t matter if they dug up holes.

These turkeys have gotten use to me being around, one has gotten brave enough to come up and tap on our door or window when I forget to put feed out.

It even talks to me when I go out to feed them.

Wild Turkeys and human life an example of our lives intertwining and resemble human life; I see how some people see’s what others have and don’t bother to see what they stepped over to get to see what the other has, it’s the shinny thing syndrome.

Instead of doing what they should be doing, that work it takes they hope that someone else has an easier way of doing things, just like the turkeys where they are always watching the other turkey to see what they have they may want.

Pushing and shoving to be the first to buy that special toy for their kids, or yelling when someone steps in front of them in a line, turkeys and humans are the same in some ways.

Yet if something were to attack the rafter they are there for each other as human life does the same.

We are so worried we will miss out on something and not really paying attention to what we have right in front of us.

Fighting and walking all over someone because we are afraid of missing out on something, getting worked up over the smallest things.

Funny how turkeys lives and human lives intertwine, it’s like they were human too.

"My dad said, 'Stay humble, and you gotta work harder than everybody else.' My mom said, 'Always be yourself.' She always told me only God can judge me." Nate Robinson

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Wanda K Robinson, Wanda Robinson

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