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Published on 10/26/2019 additional information available

“We cannot direct the winds but we can adjust our sails: Thomas S. Monson

#“We cannot direct the winds but we can adjust our sails" Thomas S. Monson
#Thomas S. Monson
#network marketing
#mangosteen fruit
#health products
#natural health products
#call me crazy
#brand new
#brand new company

 “We cannot direct the winds but we can adjust our sails" Thomas S. Monson

This quote most people can understand and find it wise to follow.

Some people may think it’s crazy to jump on board a brand new company without knowing everything about it.

You just might call me crazy, the way I look at it I missed out on the others in the beginning because I wasn’t open to jumping in but wanted to see where it was going and know a lot more about it.

I know about the mangosteen fruit and I know this company is founded by people like myself who are network marketers that were fed up just as I was.

They found out about the newest technology to draw out more xanthones from the mangosteen fruit and they found companies that were willing to take a chance with them to market these natural health products for them.

It’s a few weeks old I haven’t even gotten my products yet.

Years ago I thought for sure there would never be something as great as what I was using; luckily I was forced to try something else.

It proved to be better and cheaper and now another change is happening and I quickly started looking and made a contact with a good friend that I knew would know of something just as good or better.

I did take about an hour maybe two looking at the website, reading the ingredients and comparing them with what I was using and of course I called two more people to ask them about the products for they were using them for a week and I trust them.

Here I am at the ground floor which I have never found myself before in networking, I can’t go without my two main products and what they have are different but close to the same plus more; should be even better.

Here I am telling you about it because I am very excited and am not waiting for something to happen I am making it happen.

You can call me crazy or contact me to take a look. I am leaning toward crazy are you; if so let’s have a chat. (subject crazy) 

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." Henry Ford
source: brainyquote

Wanda K Robinson, Wanda Robinson

(a.k.a -  wandalkr, wanda500k, mkwandarobinson, wandar)

Naples, Idaho

Love your body, love your life, love yourself


10/23/2019 yesterdays question and answer:

“Parachutes”, released in 2000, was the debut album of what British rock band?

The Answer is: CodePlay

10/25/2019 question of the day is:

Which New York City nightclub was originally built in 1927 as the Gallo Opera House?

Source: Trivia Q&A

Feel free to answer the question in a comment- come back tomorrow for the answer.


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