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Published on 10/9/2019 additional information available

Proximity Marketing works for me and it does for others.

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Proximity Marketing works for me and it does for others.

I was part of the test team back when it first started, beta tester.

I used it first at my house, way out in the woods and to my surprise those driving by got my hits.

Later I had it plugged into our son’s homes.

The best results I had on one of my ads were 56 hits on the first day, with 22 clicked into my beacon, in a town of Orofino Idaho population of around 3000.

I left it there for three weeks and got many hits and clicks on the beacon.

I feel I did well for only using 40 characters and no images and not caring how I advertised it.

While visiting our other son in McCall Idaho (a resort town) I had it plugged into his home off the main road of traffic and had 37 hits in an hour and if I remember right had at least 30 the next two days we were there.

I also had taken it with me to IL. I can’t remember what I got with it; I didn’t even check it every day like I should have, so I know the beacons work.

This was before we could pick which zip/postal code to use.

Since the beta test I had returned the beacon to where I got it from for I was only renting it.

Do to family emergency I haven’t done any more marketing with the beacon until now.

I decided to team up with a friend Micky Gramlin and market the beacons and other things she has with her CodeBlue For Business.

Today I transmitted an advertisement with the new system, within an hour I had 11 hits and 10 hours later 41 hits.

I am advertising only to hotels in NYC, tomorrow I will set up more beacons in the same area and hit hotels with another beacon or two.

I use and share what I like and believe in, I use what works!

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." Jimmy Dean
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Wanda K Robinson, Wanda Robinson

(a.k.a -  wandalkr, wanda500k, mkwandarobinson, wandar)

Naples, Idaho

Love your body, love your life, love yourself


10/08/2019 yesterdays question and answer:

Whose autobiography, “Total Recall”, refers to his movie career and election to public office?

The Answer is: Arnold Schwarzenegger

10/09/2019 question of the day is:

Which American fast-food restaurant franchise has an item on its menu called the Blizzard?

Source: Trivia Q&A

Feel free to answer the question in a comment- come back tomorrow for the answer.


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