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Published on 11/22/2020 additional information available

Ready Aim Bet Review

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Discover How To Turn 3pts Into 86.71pts In One Day Betting On The Horses!

Build My Betting Bank

Looking to maximise your profits?

Colin Henderson has a very powerful but simple approach to allow you to do this.

No multiples, no bank building.

Colin used just 3pts (£30) and made 86.71pts profit (£867.10) in a single day.

Betting to level stakes would have seen a 23.69pt profit from the same bets, but Colin’s method increased this by 266% whilst using less than half the outlay of backing to level stakes. 

Read what he says:

Dear Friend,

Using my simple 3 step betting method I have been able to make big daily profits and limit losses, now you can use it too…

When it comes to betting on the horses and making profit doing it, my motto is this…

Don’t overbet.

I’ve seen it plenty over the years. Tipsters chasing losses, implementing loss recovery staking, increasing staking over time and looking for big wins with multiples from small stakes.

Guess what. None of it worked.

I’m sure you’ve seen it too, good results enticing you to sign up but when you do the winners disappear into thin air. Bank builders that start well at low stakes but as soon as you increase the stakes that profit and more goes in a flash and after spending weeks if not months waiting for a big winner to come, it never does and you’re left out of pocket once again.

I tried them too, I was looking for an easier way to make some cash. I’ve always enjoyed picking horses and I was pretty good at it too but it took up a lot of time each day. Well that is something I now have in spades, time. Earlier this year I was furloughed and finally made redundant in October. To cut a long story short, I decided that it was time to create a method that suited my needs.

I needed something that…

…had the ability to bring in big profits in a single days betting whilst limiting losses

I’ve seen a few profitable tipsters over my time, yes they do exsist but my issue with most of them was the way that they bet. The best ones I found were level stake tipsters where to £10 bets and a good day might make you £100-£150 profit. That’s pretty good going but a few losers over a couple of days can wipe that out. With any betting method there are ups and downs, so I wanted to look at things differently:

I wanted to limit the amount I staked per day but gave me the best chance of seeing a profit and on the days I had a great day I wanted that profit to be a big one without risking any further cash on the day.

You might think thats not possible, but, what I came up with was..

Ready, Aim, Bet!

I broke my betting down into 3 stages:

The Ready Bets – These were the first bets of the day. Made up of my best 3 picks from the early races of the day. If we won at this stage then the worst case scenario would be that we broke even on the day. Minimising losses at this stage was the key step to making this method profitable. One win in the ready stage means we end the day with no loss but still the potential for big profits.

The Aim Bets – Now we were sure not to end the day with a loss, we’d look to add any profits we’d made from the ready bets on the AIM Bets, after a win at this stage we’d be guaranteed a profit on the days betting. At this point we’re betting with profits and what I’d do with a win at this stage is make sure I took out double my initial stake on the day.

The Fire Bets – At this stage we’ve already made a profit on the day, now its about how much can we make.

Here’s an example from November showing just how this method works. I use a daily maximum outlay of £30 which allows me to place a £10 win bet or £5 each way bet on each of the READY bets to start the day…


This really is a completely RISK FREE opportunity.

What are you waiting for?

Sign Up and Start your winning with  Ready Aim Bet TODAY!

Click Here To Ready Aim Bet NOW!


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