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Published on 8/1/2020 additional information available

We Can Hear, The Still Small Voice of God; He Still Does Whisper, Directions To His Children… Rev. Bruce Goettsche

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Excerpts from Rev. Bruce Goettsche’s ~ Lessons in the Wilderness…

If we want to live by God's timing so that we can know what it means to ~ renew our strength; to mount up with wings like eagles; to run and not go weary; to walk and not be faint… ~ then:

"We need to get to know God ~ rather than just know 'about' God ~ we will begin to anticipate what God would have us do in certain situations. When we understand God's character there are some questions we just don't have to ask." 


"You need to discipline yourselves to seek God's will. We forget that God's plan is always the best plan; so, learn to check with the Lord. You cut yourself off from His blessing when you made decisions without seeking His will."

"Learn to listen… to scripture and to the whisper of God's Spirit. I know that sounds weird. We need to build some quiet times into our life so that we can hear the "still small voice of God." ~ God still does whisper directions to His children."

"Follow faithfully, when you are called to take bold action or when you are told to wait. Many times we don't understand.  When a door is closed we should watch with eagerness to see what new doors God is going to open.  When doors are open we should be willing to step out in faith.  Generally, when God opens a door He is giving you an opportunity to grow and to serve Him in new and surprising ways. These are sometimes scary opportunities.  They require faith and they are very exciting."

Grateful and Victorious Velma

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