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Published on 10/27/2021 additional information available

Christian Ministry – Its Impact on the Local Community and The Rock Almighty Devotional, Praise, and Worship with Stryper

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Christian Ministry – Its Impact on the Local Community

  • Author Jeremy Smith

The simple definition of a Christian is a believer and follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Ministry means "service." Therefore, the very words "Christian ministry" means to serve others in ways that Jesus Christ taught. Christian ministry’s foundation is to serve others who are in economic, social, spiritual and physical poverty.

Jesus Christ set the pattern for selfless service to others. Jesus helped everyone in need whether they believed he was God’s son or not. He met the needs of others whether they were rich or poor, men or women, black, red, or yellow. He especially loved children and referred to them many times as having the ideal minds and hearts that God seeks in adults.

Today we get a heavy dose of inspiration on our individual missions through the gospel delivered by the unstoppable Tim Tebow. Get more inspirational material from this athlete and man of God here. - -

Then we rock the message home with the unmistakable sound of Stryper's love song to Jesus. Get more here - - Warning: listening to the TRA devo could be bad for the devil's health. As if he had any! LOL :)

One does not have to go far to find people in need of assistance. There are Christian ministries in the US that serve others, especially children, in other countries. However, there are families with children living next door or in the local church who are in need of help.

There is a Christian ministry available in the local community to help meet needs in every area of life. Where there is a need for the basics of food, shelter and clothing one will find a ministry meeting those needs. When a child needs social interaction in a safe environment with caring people a Christian organization is available to help. Sports leagues such as basketball, football, soccer and others that provide this safe environment are just one way to meet the social needs of youth. Spiritual needs of children are met through established children and youth groups, Sunday school, Bible studies and tutoring programs to name just a few.

Most Christian ministries do not qualify a family to make sure there is a need unless they are backed financially by government or private funding. Most are free to help anyone who says they have a need free of charge and free of any income requirements. The ministry can operate as mandated by Jesus Christ when it operates from total devotion for God and love for other people.

Even though ministering to spiritual needs is important and the mission to bring others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ is a priority it is useless to try to address spiritual needs to people who are without food, shelter and clothing. Faith without good deeds is dead. A show of love, concern and meeting the basic needs of people go much further in bringing about a spiritual change than preaching a sermon (James 2:14-17).

The author is a freelance journalist who actively supports Christian ministries in their ongoing efforts to save children from poverty around the world. She also sponsors a child.

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