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Published on 1/14/2021 additional information available

Personal Virtual Assistant Productivity Playlists To Helps You to Focus at Work

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January 2020, Florida, USA – ( What’s more challenging than an extremely busy work day?  A busy work day with lots of distractions.  With a myriad of things to think about amidst the global health and economic crisis, the last thing we need is to be disrupted by a booming telephone conversation from the other room nor the incessant foot traffic of people outside our doors. 

Unfortunately, not even the shift to work-from-home arrangements has exempted us from unnecessary disruptions that were all too prevalent in our busy workplaces.  Focus, it seems, is a “super power” that should be harnessed wherever you may be at, to be more productive.  It is a good thing then that there is a vast array of tools available for us to make use of in order to get through even the busiest of days.  One of which is through music.   

In February 2020, an open academic journal called Frontiers in Psychology published that listening to upbeat music produces a psychological effect on our bodies that makes us move.  This in turn, releases happy hormones which can improve our mood and mental health.   In fact, classical music, has long been considered the most common choice to boost productivity.   And perhaps, it is most fitting, that we can now easily enjoy the benefits of it even without a full orchestra.      


With over 50 million songs in its roster, it comes to no surprise that Spotify is one of the most popular ways to do that and more.  From songs that you unconsciously bop your head to, to ambient post-rock music that keeps you in a bubble of concentration.  From familiar 80s pop hits to lyric-less songs that soothe.  Whether you are a fan of Korean Hallyu wave via their dramas and pop songs, or you prefer cheerful melodies to keep your heart rate up; a productive work day with the aid of music is simply within our reach. 

Spotify even has playlists that have been handpicked by some of its users.  Choose from a selection of over a thousand instrumental songs on guitar and piano, or from 38 hours’ worth of modern party songs that are perfect for Friday nights.  Missing your favorite coffee shop or the beach, perhaps?  Are you a movie buff who enjoys soundtracks from some of the most notable films from the 1980s up to the present? Or do you relish smooth melodies that take you to clear sunny days?  There is surely a playlist that will fit you best according to your needs.  

Whether you prefer to boost your energy into productivity or calm yourself into focus, music is indeed a useful device to ease stress.  To find out more about how you can make use of these to boost your productivity, head on to the blog post by OkayRelax on the 21 Productivity Playlists to Help You Focus at Work.

Should you still find yourself overwhelmed from your heavy work days, reach out to the experts for help.  OkayRelax, believes that your time is important.  Let them show you how to make the most of out of every second of every day by providing you with a personal virtual assistant who will help you manage your professional and/or personal life. 

Invest in an online assistant to reclaim your valuable time.  Contact OkayRelax to find out how.

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