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Published on 6/7/2021 additional information available

OkayRelax: Virtual Assistant for Writers 2021

# virtualassistantforwriters
# virtualassistantforauthors

June 2021, Florida, USA — We all want to make our lives easier. And writers, despite being known for being capable of wearing many hats, are no exception. Here’s the secret on how people benefit from availing virtual assistant services for writers. Take a closer look at why writers have an online assistant who specializes in writing on their team. In the full article, you will find out:

  • What Is A Virtual Writing Assistant?
  • Ways A VA Writer Helps Writers Write Better
  • Ways A Virtual Author Assistant Makes Your Life Easier
  • 51 Tasks You Can Delegate to Virtual Author Assistants To Save Time
  • 5-Step Guide In Looking For And Hiring Your Virtual Author Assistant
  • 3 Biggest Benefits A Virtual Writer Assistant Can Provide To Authors
  • And many more!

What Is A Virtual Writing Assistant? 

A virtual writing assistant is a highly skilled professional who supports you or your business remotely, either by writing for you, helping you write, or doing duties related to editorial or publishing. A writing VA can also sell his or her writing, editorial, or assistant services per hour or by contract basis.

An online VA writer specializes in writing and other aspects needed to give you more free time to accomplish different things. These duties may include writing newsletters, promotion, and marketing of your books or website, or help you hire other specialists who can better assist you with the kind of task needed.

Ways A Virtual Writing Assistant Helps Writers Write Better

An author assistant helps you write better books by:

1.          Providing another set of eyes to proofread your manuscript.

2.         Researching and fact-checking for you.

3.         Making drafts based on your audio recordings.

4.         Performing light editing for typos and other minor errors.

5.         Freeing you from the burden of doing everything yourself and thereby giving you time to rest.

And more from the full article!

Ways A Virtual Author Assistant Makes Your Life Easier 

A virtual writing assistant can ease the burden of doing everything on your own in so many ways. If you’re ready for a relatively stress-free life but unsure as to what you can delegate to your writing VA, you can start by going through these:

1.          Answer the phone for you

2.         Manage your email

3.         Proofread your manuscript

4.         Deal with computer issues

5.         Fact check and research for you

6.         Update your social media accounts

7.         Format your texts

8.         Coordinate with your publisher

9.         Deal with admin errands

And these are just some of the many ways a virtual assistant can make your life easier!

51 Tasks You Can Delegate to Virtual Author Assistants To Save Time

To give you an idea of just how productive your life can be with a writing VA, here are over 51 things you can ease off your daily workload:

1.          Proofread your work for any errors such as spelling and typos.

2.         Ensure that your work is written as per instructions.

3.         Research and double-check essential details and information.

4.         Study concepts and facts relevant to your topic or subject matter.

5.         Develop novel ideas from online or offline research.

6.         Consolidate important information for your book or article.

7.         Make sure your content has enough keywords for SEO.

8.         Manage and handle your social media presence.

9.         Rewrite, rephrase or write content or manuscript based on your instructions.

10.       Assist in creating interesting content for articles, stories, blogs, and social media to encourage following.

And more, available in the full blog post!

5-Step Guide In Looking For And Hiring Your Virtual Author Assistant

1.          Make a list of all the tasks you need to be accomplished for your work.

Rate them from 1 to 3, depending on what you don’t mind doing right down to those you’d only do because you must. Those rated 3 are the tasks you can outsource.

2.         Post a job ad either on a freelance online marketplace or by getting virtual assistant services.

You can choose various job sites from but be prepared to do a thorough job sifting through the many applications you will receive.

Contacting an agency for virtual assistants, on the other hand, may cost more but could prove more beneficial. Reputable companies not only provide training for their VAs but also conduct a strict screening process for applicants.

It also helps to keep your eye out for other perks that might come free with either option.

3.         Look beyond what’s written on their resumes and pick someone whose work ethic matches yours.

Pick someone you will be comfortable with and whom you can trust freely.

4.         Try doing a few projects together to see if you’re a good fit.

You may opt to hire a VA at an hourly rate first, where you can assign one or two tasks.

This way, you’ll be able to gauge appropriately not just a writing assistant’s skills but also his or her adaptability to your working process.

5.         Make sure that you understand the terms by which you will pay your writing VA.

Note that their rates will vary depending on their level of expertise, experience, and location. Hiring an experienced VA requires a higher price than getting someone else with less work experience. Ultimately, a competent and hardworking professional will always prove to be a wise investment for any individual or company.

3 Biggest Benefits A Virtual Writer Assistant Can Provide To Authors

1. A writing VA provides structure by:

•           managing your calendar and making sure you meet your deadlines

•           helping you maintain continuity in your stories or articles

•           freeing you from your admin tasks

2. An online writing assistant gives you time to:

•           research more intensively

•           focus on your writing

•           recharge when you need rest

3. An author assistant connects you to:

•           publishing companies

•           your target market

•           a wider audience

Hire Your Writer VA Now

One of the best investments anyone can make for his business is getting the right people in his team.

As an author, your focus will always be not just writing but writing well.

When you outsource, you free yourself up to devote more time to your craft because:

•           your admin needs are being taken care of

•           you don’t have to worry about marketing your books

•           you can rest and recharge stress-free

And the best part? You do not have to spend too much to enjoy all these and more!

Turn to the experts like OkayRelax to provide you with high-quality virtual assistant services. With our controlled and strict screening process and intensive training program, we are more than equipped to have only the most competent and experienced virtual assistants for your needs.

What’s more, OkayRelax allows you the convenience and freedom of selecting the virtual assistant package that is right for you. To know about plans and pricing, and learn more about virtual assistant services for writers, visit this article’s full blog post on our website.

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