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Published on 3/14/2021 additional information available

How to Make Remote Work More Enjoyable For You and Your Team

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March 2021, Florida, USA — ( During this pandemic, we begin to realize that as the number of telecommuters rising, so does the number of difficulties that this brings to the more than 7 million remote workers in the US alone. According to Buffer’s 2019 State of Remote Work report, loneliness is among the top 3 challenges that home workers face, plus the struggle of unplugging after work, and communication problems at third. While 83% of employees believe that working off-site will make them happier at their jobs, more than half of all remote workers feel disconnected from their co-employees. As humans, our need for connection to our fellow humans is as intrinsic as our necessity for food, water, and warmth.

So how does one keep things enjoyable while working remotely? In this article, we’ll discuss some remote work tips that are fun and easy for you and your team:

Have a good morning by having breakfast! There’s a reason why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day and you and your team should take advantage of that. Start your day with a good cup of coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa if you wish, and encourage your team to do that too. By making sure that you all begin as pleasantly as possible, the chance of having a good workday increase exponentially. Not only will you have the necessary fuel to go on about the day’s work, but it can also be the chance to catch up with your co-workers, thus giving your minds a necessary conversational break from work topics.

Mark your calendar! One of the main hurdles of working remotely is managing your time and the best way to overcome this is through a well-organized calendar. Encourage your team to impose a structure on their workdays so that they will be more focused on their tasks despite being surrounded by things that could distract them from being productive. What’s more, having a set schedule allows everyone to take the necessary breaks—short ones and even vacation leaves, thus ensuring productivity and everybody else’s mental health and protection from burnout.

Decorate your working space! Look for the best area in your home to be your working space, arrange one for yourself and cheer your team as they do the same. Having your own area is not just about making a barrier from distractions, it is also a means for you to create a space that can motivate and inspire you. People used to “bring a bit of home” in their workstations. And now that you get to do that in reverse, you can turn it into something that everyone in your team can delight in to ease loneliness and of course, reap the benefits of having a well-organized home office.

Have a hobby! Hobbies are things we enjoy doing because it’s stress-free and fun. It also provides you with the mental and even emotional break from whatever stresses work (and the current off-site arrangement) has been throwing at you.

Level-up your remote work with a personal virtual assistant! It is interesting to note that the remote industry has been growing even before the pandemic. By registering a whopping 140% increase since 2005, the remote workforce is only poised to grow more than ever. The task of its effectiveness may rely heavily on business owners but one does not have to bear it alone. By delegating to people who may already be considered experts in this arena, a business owner equips himself to succeed in this new normal.


Virtual assistants or VAs empower you to take control of your professional and personal life by managing, overseeing, and accomplishing tasks that often come in the day-to-day operations of your business or work.

Our article can be read in full on our OkayRelax website; learn more on how working at home can be enjoyable for you and your team, and how by hiring a virtual assistant you can make working at home easier than ever

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