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August 2021, Florida USA — Email has become a vital part of our lives.

It is the way that people and businesses communicate. Whether it is with a potential customer or within the company, we have come to rely on the ubiquitous envelope on our screens to talk to each other.

Email overload happens however, which cripples a lot of us. Preventing us from doing our essential tasks because there are too many messages in our inbox, and we spend too much of our valuable time on emails.

In this article, we’ll tell you about email management, how to do it by yourself or for others, and how a virtual assistant can do it for you.

Here are some of the topics: 

1.          What is Email Management Services?

2.         What are the benefits of Mail Management?

3.         What is the best way to Manage Emails?

4.         9 ways Email Management strategies to use now

5.         How do Virtual Assistants Manage Email?

6.         What are the benefits of Hiring a Virtual Email Assistant?

7.         How can I hire a VA that can manage my email?

And more in our full blog article.


Email management services is the systemic approach for dealing with electronic mail, particularly those in high volume.

Email or electronic mail being the current standard of business communication, is considered the same as any information or record and is expected to adhere to the guidelines of an organization.

Email management, therefore, pertains to organizing what goes into your inbox. It is classifying these messages and deciding whether they should go into storage or the trash bin. It is controlling both the quality and quantity of messages that go in, out, and are sent within your company.

Having a system in place for your email organization optimizes its efficiency and minimizes its negative impact on yourself, your teams, and your business. There are various email management tools you can use and finding the right one for your needs is just as important as knowing how and why you need to get started on it right now.



Just how big an impact does a managed email inbox bring to a business? We’ve gathered the seven major benefits it can bring for you and your company:

1.        Lessens clutter. 

An organized email inbox enables you to recover crucial messages right when you need them. It also helps you keep from getting distracted when you see unsorted mails.

2.       Saves time.

A clutter-less inbox is not only free from email distractions, but also makes searching for messages easier and faster.

3.       Allows for more storage.

An email program that is always full is not just time-consuming to have but also poses a risk to your company.

When you store too many emails, it may prevent you from receiving messages that might be of importance. It can also make the system run less efficiently which in turn might stop it from working. Make sure that your company email has sufficient space to avoid email reception issues.

4.       Reduces costs.

A well-maintained inbox will save you a lot. From storage to time, and yes, money.

By reducing the number of emails you receive, send out, and keep in your archives, you free up your

More email management benefits can be learned at our full blog post.


The best way to manage emails is by keeping it simple, orderly, and without email distractions.

Here are some ways to achieve that:

Keep your inbox clean and let only those that need your immediate attention stay there.

Make a “pending” or “waiting” folder for messages that need your action but must go through someone else first. This also goes for transactional emails.

Use subfolders and labels to categorize your email threads. This will make recovery of specific conversations easier and quicker.

Utilize the “rules” or filters from your email provider to sort out your inbox. There are some that allow you to use a color code for your messages or put them straight to specific folders.

Don’t let spam and junk mail bog you down. Click delete and unsubscribe for promotional mail or newsletters that you do not read. Doing so will keep your inbox free from clutter.

Set a schedule for checking emails and stick to it. This will help you be more productive and keep up with the maintenance of your inbox.

Create email templates for your go-to responses and save a draft for similar messages that you’ll be sending out a lot to make things easier and quicker.

Our complete blog post has more tips so do check it out.


Email management does not have to be complicated. It may be laborious at times, especially on busy business days. However, once you have a system in place that facilitates order, all you must do is to regularly clean the inbox and see how your email performance improves.

Sounds simple right? In our full blog post are nine strategies that you can use to keep your email process running smoothly right now:

Block off a specific time of the day to check your email. It may be in the morning just as you are starting your workday or in the late afternoon before you close shop.

Prioritize messages that require your immediate attention. Set aside the rest for when you’ve accomplished the more pertinent ones.

Use folders or tags to classify your emails. You can either label them by topics or sense of urgency.

Create email templates for replies and save drafts if you find yourself sending out similar emails.

Apply the 1-minute rule. If there is an email that you can respond to without taking too long (1 minute to be exact), experts recommend that you do it immediately. Doing so will take a load off your back without causing you to lose precious time.

Don’t miss out on the rest of our strategies found in our article.


According to studies, entrepreneurs spend around 3 hours each day checking their email. Reclaim your valuable time to focus on growing your business by hiring a virtual assistant for your email management needs.

Here are some of the things a virtual email assistant can do for you:

Clean and sort your inbox.

Delete your old emails.

Manage your contact list.

Respond to emails on your behalf.

Apply limited permissions and folder permissions settings in your team emails.

Create drafts and go-to responses for you.

Create folders and tags for your messages.

Email tasks in your stead.

Set auto-responders in your email program.

Schedule your appointments.

Oversee your calendar.

Free you from repetitive tasks such as constantly checking emails.

Assist you in email campaigns and email marketing endeavors.


If you are still unsure if you need help in getting out of an email overload, we’ve rounded up the biggest reasons why should hire a virtual email assistant now:

With an email VA…

You no longer have to constantly check your email.

Your inbox will be easier to navigate.

You will never miss an important meeting or miss responding to an urgent message.

You will have an updated contact list.

You will have more time to focus on your tasks or to unwind.

You don’t have to read every email you receive because someone will sift through it for you.

You will be able to respond faster.

You can schedule your emails. Your VA can either delay it or set a specific time or date for it to be sent as needed.

Your professional emails will have better branding.

You can have better email marketing campaigns.

You'll be able to have email campaigns.

You can answer queries promptly, send newsletters daily, and engage your customers more with the use of email automation.


There are two options on how you can hire a virtual email assistant.

One is employing an assistant directly through one of the numerous freelance sites online. Although less costly, this will require you to oversee the process all on your own.

The other alternative is hiring a virtual assistant services company who will do the work of finding the right online professional for you. Finding a virtual assistant who will enhance your organization need not be stressful, time-consuming, or costly.

OkayRelax, with their controlled and strict screening process and intensive training program, is one such company. They allow you the convenience to choose between a monthly or annual setup with specialized pricing according to the number of tasks you need done. Packages start at only 29.95 USD. Check out their website for the full list of virtual assistant packages and rates.

To learn more about email management and how virtual assistant services can help in achieving clean and efficient inboxes, visit the OkayRelax website for the full blog post.

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