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Published on 3/22/2021 additional information available

Building Your Online Presence With a Virtual Assistant

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March 2021, Florida, USA —  ( A personal brand can be described as what people think of when they hear your name. It is what makes the likes of Steve Jobs and Richard Branson relevant. In today’s business landscape, having a personal brand like them that radiates your uniqueness, your passion, and what you stand for is akin to having a strong online presence.

Developing a reputation or a personal brand as someone of authority or an expert in your field takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention the inevitable challenges you will face just lying out there on your personal branding journey. One of the best players you will need to face these challenges is an expert on all things digital such as a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is a self-employed worker who supports businesses remotely. As a key player in the virtual landscape, he or she can assist you in implementing effective online strategies for your business such as building your online presence. Here are some of the many ways your virtual assistant can help build your brand and get it across to your audience:

Social media strategist. Hiring an online personal assistant is a must for any business owner. Virtual assistants can either set up your online brand from scratch or find ways to improve your already-existing one. Determining which objectives to pursue and finding out what your competitors are doing are also two of the vital tasks your online assistant can do for you and your brand.

Your virtual assistant can polish your online presence as well. From choosing the right cover photo to designing a cohesive look for all your channels, your virtual assistant empowers you with a more professional image that will make your brand stand out.

Content researcher. One of the most important tasks your virtual assistant can effectively do for you is research. Your online personal assistant can identify the content that is right for your brand to post and the exact audience you should connect with. Your virtual assistant will also ensure that you brand remains consistent in producing great content that gives value to people and worthy for them to follow you.

To have an effective online presence means putting out the right content at the right time for the right target audience. Through intensive research, a virtual assistant facilitates this and more so that your brand can convince people to become your followers in social media and eventually, turn into your loyal customers.

Content creator. Without high quality and striking images, it is almost impossible for any brand to be successful in social media.

An online assistant can create image posts and infographics, edit podcasts and videos and link posts to other websites with the use of apps and software. He or she also has the ability to ascertain what makes a good, and effective image to go with your content.

In creating a feast for the eyes that will make people click on the links to your website, your social media assistant ensures that your online presence will be hard to ignore.

Content curator. While it is ideal to only have posts that are all-original, sharing content from reputable sources helps grow your online presence faster. A virtual assistant, therefore, finds and shares relevant content from influencers to your social media channels.

Your social media assistant goes through a list of online sources that provide appealing and unique content that is relevant to your brand and shares them in a blog post or newsletter. By doing so, he or she puts your brand in direct contact with influencers and their thousands of followers all over the world.

In our full blog post, we have discussed more the things a virtual assistant can do to help setup or improve your personal branding. Check it out on our OkayRelax website and learn how to amplify your overall online presence, and how valuable investment is hiring a virtual assistant for your social media and personal branding needs.

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