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Published on 4/14/2021 additional information available

We have found a MLM gateway to a global internet fortune!

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Nobody will ever tell you that recruiting in MLM is easy, but fortunately for you since you have stumbled onto this page, it has become substantially easier

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The biggest issue for someone new to this industry is recruiting in MLM and that is a fact. Most find it very difficult to even ask people they have know for years to join their business and more so strangers. The MLM industry is filled with enthusiastic and passionate sale people that are afraid to ask the question.

  • Would you like to start a business from home?

But, what if I could share with you a platform where you are able to socialize with people who are already interested in joining your MLM business?   


High quality MLM leads is the key to success

A close friend of mine told me that, "The Money is in the list", which is so true. I have many enrollees who insist on stressing about getting that one person into your business. As I tell them, "Some will, some won't, so what, next". Pressuring individuals into your business is just a waste of time and energy and in the end people pressured into your business will not motivated to do anything anyway.

The key to building a successful MLM business is using every method possible to create your warm leads list. A warm leads list is a list of people who already have an interest in your products, running a business or making money. Whatever their motivation is, your list is going to be the key to success.

However, what if the list was already made and waiting for you to access it?

That would be great, wouldn't it?

If you could find a place that could offer you the opportunity to reach out to people that are despite to join your business, buy your products and already fully understand what MLM is all about.

That would be amazing, won't it?

If you could find a online system that was similar to Linkedin or Facebook and would allow to to reach out to people in your business niche and even your area.

That would give you a serious advantage over others playing at MLM, won't it?

MLM gateway

Is MLM gateway the solution to recruiting in MLM?

MLM gateway is a portal or as they like to say, a gateway to people who are already running MLM businesses and in most cases looking for a second or third income stream. Your job is to take advantage of this portal. Once you have joined you can ask members to join your business before someone else gets there. 


For example, you can

  • Talk to network marketing prospects from your country
  • Fastest way to expand your network marketing business
  • Get quality home based business leads every day for free
  • Meet real people looking for a business opportunity
  • Promote your website and attract new leaders to your team
  • Advertise to your target audience

The handy thing about this gateway is that you can connect to professional network marketers in the niche you are looking for. In addition, avoid the type of marketers you are not looking for. A good example is of course, finding someone in your area while at the same time offering the produces you are sharing. A marketer who is interested in health and wellness products is more likely to see the advantage of adding a similar product to their business than maybe financial or cryptocurrency services. So. the ability to target the right people for your business is a major asset in this MLM social media global format. 

What does MLM gateway have to offer?

Firstly, they have over 300,000 targeted network marketing leads ready for you to access. Out of them thousands have used this platform to build a profitable home based business themselves. 

  • MLM Leads: Contact 240,000+ Leads Interested in Home Based Business
  • Effective Recruiting: Promote Your Business Opportunity and Recruit New Reps Every Day
  • Advertising: Drive Targeted Audience to Your Business Opportunity Website
  • Content Marketing: Publish Articles about Your Business and Get Attention of Thousands of Visitors
  • All Countries: Talk to Network Marketing Prospects from Your Country
  • Zero Costs: Join for Free - No Credit Card Required

A recruiting portal is a great resource

I have personally been in MLM for over 20 years and I can already see that this recruiting portal is a great resource for people new to MLM. This is even a great place to start if you are simply browsing for your first home based opportunity and want to ask questions about how MLM works in reality. There are many misconceptions that a discussion with people in the know will be able to help you with.

There are only a few platforms that have so many targeted MLM leads in one place. This gives everyone the opportunity to meet like minded people from all over the world. 

Getting free MLM marketing leads for your business

You can join MLM gateway for FREE and try the platform out and see if it fits in what you are already doing. There are many things I have found useful on this platform such as the ability to reach out to local reps in my area. The platform allows you to reach out to one member a day for FREE, however if you share this site on Facebook you receive five credits, which allows you to reach out to five members. In addition, if you create and publish a business announcement of your business or product you also receive five credits. Business announcements is a great way to share your business with the others by writing an short article (minimum of 400 words). The main and the most effective way to earn credits is by referring others. This can be done via social media, blogs and if you have a mailing list, by sharing the power of this platform with your warm leads. 

There is banner advertising possibilities which again uses credits. The cost depends on the type and size of your choosing advertisement. 

What is the true cost of recruiting in MLM gateway?

Good question, because even though this platform is completely FREE, it is possible to upgrade for For ONLY $29 a month. I am not going to say, "Yes, you must upgrade!" because that is unfair for me to say that this platform will work for you. What I will say is, if you are new to the MLM industry you should try it out and if you can recruit with the FREE system then consider upgrading and take advantage of the premium features.

Such as:

  • 50 Credits added to your account every month
  • Contact more members who want to join your business
  • Generate leads with lead capture landing pages
  • Access all marketing training courses
  • Be listed on the featured professionals page
  • Place a link to your website on your MLM gateway profile
  • Display a video on your gateway profile
  • Make your complete gateway profile visible to all
  • No ads shown on your profile and announcements
  • See how many people and who views your profile
  • Get more credits for referrals and articles
  • Get priority support 24/7

Recruiting in MLM

What are the other reviews of this platform like?

On the whole and after much browsing of the internet the global reviews seem very positive  as MLM lead systems go. Normally, I will find someone unhappy with the platform or service. Many agree that you pay for what you get and if you are paying nothing and getting some benefit from recruiting. In most cases, the customer is happy. 

I have achieved incredible results with this website because I can talk with so many people about my business. This tool is priceless.

Jordan R

If you want to succeed in network marketing, you have to build relationships with prospects. And this is exactly what this platform is about.

Calanthia L

Finally getting leads that are responsive and interested in my opportunity. This platform is amazing. Thank you MLM Gateway.

John Q

In my view, if you are looking to build a MLM business and you need two or three good network marketers who will ask the right questions then this MLM recruiting platform is for you.

Negative aspects of recruiting non business professional

In reality, we all have people in our downline that truly want to be successful, but can't find it in themselves to do what it takes.

It may come down to:

  • Lack of understanding in MLM
  • Unwillingness to learn more about the MLM industry
  • Believe life is getting in the way of them taken action

The benefit of this platform is that there is a great possibility that the members have the right stuff and understand MLM, want to learn and have already taken action. 


Is there any alternatives platforms for recruiting MLM reps online?

There are a few options such as the traditional social media platform such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, but in my opinion for MLM, Linkedin is the only option for serious network marketers. The disadvantage with the other platforms is that they are too difficult for using targeted method and the major possibility of being banned. The main reason for getting banner by traditional social media sites is because they HATE MLM, so be careful when promoting your business on these sites.

There is only a few real MLM social media platform alternatives worth considering and that is iBoToolBox , Apsense or MLMsocial. The best I would say about all of them is that they are FREE to join, a good place to backlink existing content, but otherwise the benefits vary. 

 Other benefits of joining MLM gateway

Beyond the possibilities of getting free targeted leads for your MLM business, there is other assets worth considering.

  • As a MLM social media platform it has an fantastic ranking score on Alexa
  • You won't need to worry about being a spammer or getting banned
  • It is a no brainer that the best people recruit into your MLM business is already a network marketer

How to generate targeted leads and join MLM gateway?

Fortunately,  creating a global internet fortune with this platform is very simply. Just click on the "Free sign up" button below.


Conclusion to using MLM gateway

The ability to contact people who are already interested in MLM is got to make life far easier than training someone new to the industry. This means that creating a personal fortune on the internet and in network marketing is going to be very possible. The days of speaking to family and friends about joining your business is over forever, because  MLM gateway is finally given you a fast track to MLM success.  In addition, you can use this platform for an second or third income stream in itself. In my case I earned $33.95 USD in the first 6 hours, so don't waste time and sign up today.