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Published on 10/18/2021 additional information available

The doTERRA pyramid scheme lie has gone on far too long

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I was talking to a new prospect about multi level marketing this morning, forgetting that there are still people that do not fully understand that doTERRA is not a pyramid scheme

Even after a long conversation where I completely defined the difference between the multi level marketing business model and a pyramid scheme, they still did not understand the difference.

Yes, as you can imagine, it is very frustrating.

So, in this article I am going to explain why multi level marketing is a legitimate business model and what makes a pyramid scheme something to avoid. At the same time, why doTERRA is one of the best home business ideas with low startup costs for someone new to the multi level marketing industry?


doTERRA pyramid scheme

Has doTERRA the best homemade business products for beginners?

I would argue that doTERRA does have a product that people want to buy and from my experience search for online everyday. This is very useful information if you are working online already. It means that if you are working online there is a great possibility that customers will find you and buy your products.

Do I need to work online or can I run doTERRA by simply speaking to people?

Yes of course, even if you are not internet savvy, getting your name about will do the same thing. There are many marketing methods available to you such as creating a warm leads list of everyone you know, party plans or even farmers markets.

Unfortunately, if you have read anything by me before, you will know that not all reps want that sort of responsibility. This leaves many customers searching the internet for someone to buy doTERRA products. The only solution is buy doTERRA products online from a doTERRA shop.

If you want to purchase doTERRA products directly and at retail, click on the "Buy Direct" button below.


As for someone new to multi level marketing and doTERRA the fact you have found a quality and outstanding company is a major benefit. However, having a product that sales and that the customer loves is just the start. The main asset to any form of success in doTERRA and MLM is going to be YOU.

You will be the person who will decide whether you are successful or not. There will be no luck involved, simply the things you will do everyday.

What does that mean?

If we start by saying that the products are great and customers want to buy them, what next?

The main starting point is sharing the products, yes I know it sounds too easy. However, it really means taking action by sharing the products and business on a daily basis. Taking action can mean many things to many people. Finally, it means any action where prospects and customers are presented with the business opportunity or products.

The philosophy of this section is that if you have a great product to market, the only thing stopping you from becoming successful is NOT taking action. So, the first action you should be taking is joining doTERRA by clicking on the "Take Action" button below.


What is the doTERRA pyramid scheme lie?

In most cases, the doTERRA pyramid scheme lies, are negative propaganda by the traditional companies and uninformed individuals. In my opinion, it is to deflect away from the positive aspects of multi level marketing and the possibility to empower the masses.

The traditional company view

Traditional corporations are unconformable with MLM and the idea that a business can be started so cheaply. The concept of the home business ideas with low startup costs is a bitter pill when many companies have to invest millions into their own businesses. In addition, many want to keep to the status quo where money and power is kept in check and held by those at the top. The multi level marketing model can in theory upset that model by allowing almost anyone to be empowered and gain wealth.

Historical perspective

Historically, the traditional working model has been the same since the industrial revolution. This has been perpetuated by the pyramid hierarchy business model most traditional businesses use. The owner normally earns the most and the unskilled earns the lease. In opposition, the multi level marketing model used by doTERRA turns the pyramid upside down. This model allows anyone willing to work hard, to achieve success and earn a top income.

The individual view

As for those individuals looking at doTERRA for the first time. They ask me, "why should I pay a start-up fee? This comes down to a misunderstanding that doTERRA is offer a job to them.

This is not the case.

Yes, doTERRA does have employees and it is possible to work for doTERRA as an employee. However, these positions demand corporate skills and in many cases a degree and related work experience.

The doERRA rep is something very different. Firstly, you are working for yourself. Also, you need no experience. This means, as I have mentioned, anyone can get started today. Finally, this business is for anyone interested in trying something new. Tht is why doTERRA is offering one of the best business opportunities online today.

Interestingly, there are many cases where doTERRA employees who have seen doTERRA reps make big money for many years have decided to become doTERRA reps themselves. I would suggest that this is evidence that doTERRA is offering a credible business opportunity, because even doTERRA insiders want a piece of the action.


Home business ideas with low startup costs

The doTERRA pyramid scheme or multi level marketing argument

Converting a MLM or doTERRA skeptic is a challenge. I have tried for many years to explain how MLM works, but there are those who will just refuse to believe it works. So, I will not try to make my argument about doTERRA as a company. There are enough people already in doTERRA to allow me to say that doTERRA is an honest and transparent company that offers a great product and business opportunity.

However, for those of you who are confused or perplexed about the multi level marketing business model, this is for you.

What is a multi level marketing business?

To start with, multi level marketing is legal apart from in China, which tells you everything. Multi level marketing or MLM refers to a business strategy often used by direct sales companies such as doTERRA to sell and promote their products. The business model uses members to sell their products to their social circle such as family and friends. However, over the last 10 years more and more doTERRA reps have moved their businesses online with great success.

The multi level aspect refers to the network of individuals that the existing member enrolls into their sales team or downline. At this point a multi level marketer can not only earn from their own actions, but also for the action of their team.

To ensure that an MLM company is legal the FTC investigates all new and ongoing multi level marketing companies. Any that are not complying with the FTC rules will be defined as a pyramid scheme and stopped from trading.

What is a pyramid scheme?

Firstly, a pyramid scheme is totally illegal. The people running a pyramid scheme have only one goal and that is to take your money and give nothing in return. The best way to understand whether you are involved with a pyramid scheme is to ask one simply question.

  • Does the company have a real product or service that can be sold and delivered? If the answer is NO, you are likely in a pyramid scheme.


What are the benefits of starting a successful home business like doTERRA?

If you consider starting any business you already know money is going to be an issue. Depending on what you want to start, $10000's is going to be the starting point. The key to doTERRA is that you can start one of the top business ideas with low investment. Below I have listed my favorite reasons for joining doTERRA. This list can also apply to any multi level marketing business.

  • Low start-up costs (35$ / 20€ / £20)
  • Upside down pyramid hierarchical structure (Anyone can join and become successful with hard work and persistence)
  • No building to buy or lease
  • No employees
  • No inventory (in most cases)
  • No territories (Global market)
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Build residual income
  • Free training and support system
  • Set your own hours Work part-time or full-time (while you keep your day job and security)
  • No risk
  • High failure rate

But, what if I started a traditional business?

  • High start-up costs ($10k to $100k)
  • Pyramid hierarchical structure (Owners earn the most and have the most power)
  • Leasing or building costs
  • Employees wages
  • Product inventory and a place to put them
  • Only local customers (unless you are an online business)
  • You have a linear income (Buy at wholesale, sell to the customer at retail)
  • Long working hours - 80+ hours a week
  • Risk with the money you have invested
  • No other income
  • High failure rate

As you can see, both business models have high failure rates, but that is just the chance you take running a business. However, as an entrepreneur and business owner for many years I have lost a lot of money in traditional businesses including a horse riding school and an engineering company. Nobody likes to lose money so when I developed an interest in multi level marketing I straight away understood the financial advantages from day one.


The final words about the doTERRA pyramid scheme lie

If we want to be honest all successful business ideas have some kind of pyramid structure, but the pyramid scheme definition does not define them. So, to be clear, a pyramid scheme is a scam operation that offers the customer no value, product or service.

doTERRA on the other hand offers the customer outstanding products, a great business opportunity and an unbeatable training program.

My biggest issue with the multi level marketing haters is that they are taking away an opportunity for almost everyone to build a business from home. They may not be millionaires, if they are passionate and forthright they should make a living.

Multi level marketing this morning

How to become a doTERRA rep

  1. Click here (Enrollment technical advice: Mobile devices can have glitches, for best results use the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac computer)
  2. Note: If you are enrolling from outside the US – Click Here and choose your language and country
  3. Choose your starter kit (When you purchase a product enrollment the enrollment fee is waived)
    • To purchase the 35$ enrollment starter kit, click on the “Individual Products” button and then click on the Bag button on the top right hand side of the page.
  4. Review your order and proceed to checkout
  5. Fill in your details
  6. Choose the Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer enrollment option
  7. Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: 930175
  8. All Wellness Advocate packages includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fee
  9. Fill in your Shipping details
  10. Pay for your order

In a few minutes you will receive an welcome email as well as giving you access to your membership area.

Note: For Countries outside the United States you may find the sign up process slightly different. You may be asked to select either "Wellness Advocate or Wholesale customer" before continuing to fill in your details

If you want to find out more about multi level marketing this morning as a doTERRA rep or even learn more about business ideas for beginners click on the link below and add your name and email address on the form and I will get back to you asap.