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How to become a distributor of a product online for profit?

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The independent distributorship opportunities industry is having a second wind since the blending of network and online marketing began to create an interest a few years ago.

I was inspired to start my own business and become a independent distributor. However, the amount of money needed to get started was insane.  However, it didn't stop my wife from embarking on her own business as a riding instructor and stable owner. She had the skills, knowledge and passion for it to be a total success. Alas, her business partner let her down and finally the project simply fell apart.

I was very proud of her bravery, but considering the large percentage of business opportunities that failure, I was not surprised. I questioned what made her pursue such a high risk project in the first place. Yes, she loved running her own business for the freedom and her passion for horses.

Of course, she manage to recoup some of the money invested into her business. Nevertheless, she still was left with an outstanding loan and other expenses she needed to repay. It was a bitter pill to swallow to chase your dreams.


High failure rate, but low costs and outgoings is the attraction of independent distributorship opportunities

I understand why some people decides to start business opportunities. I have had the same motivation to be independent and financially self reliant for many years. As time progresses I saw the disadvantages of the traditional business model. The fact is, the average person can no longer afford the expense. That leaves them doing a nine to five job they are likely to hate.

That is why a few years ago, I started looking at the various online business opportunities. Overtime found that there was many great opportunities to make money as a independent online distributor. I of course hoped that it would gave me the freedom to live the life I wanted.

  • It allowed me to travel
  • It allowed me to work wherever I wanted
  • It gave me financial freedom

In other words, becoming a independent distributor ticked all the boxes for me.

How to become a distributor of a product

What you should know if you want start as running independent distributorship opportunities

If you want to be a independent distributor you will find that it is not an easy. However for a business-minded self starter who is strapped for cash, independent network marketing opportunities could be for you. In my opinion, it is the best alternative to financing a traditional business.  

A few reasons why include:

  • The low start up costs of distributor opportunities
  • The low business costs
  • The low or no travelling costs
  • Your personal actions will influence your success or failure
  • The income in most cases is limitless

How much does a independent distributor need to work to become successful? 

Really, it doesn't matter if the distributor is working full time, part-time or just a few hours a week. What does matter is the actions the independent distributor takes during the time they allocate for themselves. So, if an independent distributor allocates 2 hours a day, they need to make them count.  However, if you want to work more hours a week, make every hour count.

The more you work the more money you will earn. So, don't waste time on browsing the internet and pretending its work.

What type of person do I need to be to become a independent distributor from home?

Anyone can start one of the many independent distributor opportunities available online. Regardless,  if you are a stay at home parent with the kids, unemployed or unable to get work because of a disability.

Running independent business opportunities from home or online is something everyone can do.

"The key is, do you have the desire to learn"

As for me, I started working as a independent distributor in the evenings. Then few hours on a Saturday morning while my wife was shopping with her mother. Once I had started creating some content online, it was only a matter of time before someone purchased some products from me.

So, regardless who you are, you qualify, if you have the motivation to be successful.


Why is MLM internet home business model good for the independent distributor?

Many independent distributorship opportunities are opting for the MLM business model because of its global reach. So, consequently, working with global partners in this industry has become the new norm. 

Most of us including myself have customers and independent distributor partners all over the world. This includes, the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK & Europe, Australia and New Zealand and South Africa,  They are all finding the freedom of having independent opportunities empowering and financially beneficial to their lives. 

In addition, the very low startup costs allows the individual distributor globally to start a legitimate home business opportunity. In many cases the business package will include: 

  • Wholesale product prices on all items
  • Free product webshop
  • Free back office
  • Free training & support
  • Bonuses paid directly into your bank account. 

Yes, it seems to good to be true. That is why I need to explain one important point. This does not mean free money or a get rich scheme. There is no free lunch and work in required. There will be frustrations, mistakes and heartache. However, with the right attitude you can achieve success and a good living. As you may have noticed, I didn't say you will be a millionaire. The reason I didn't say you will be rich is because, it is simply untrue, however a good income is very possible.

Why should I do MLM?

This is a great question!

Many years ago I would have had a very similar question for the person who first invited me into the industry. I can recall being told about the history of the industry and how it worked. I really wanted someone to tell me if it was possible to make a living and what would I need to do.

Unfortunately, my enroller still insisted in explaining that MLM is a business opportunity that companies use to distribute their products via distributors like myself. The distributors role is to promote and share their items or services in exchange for bonuses.  

I believe that independent distributorship opportunities in network marketing is more than that:

  • It is a opportunity to change your life
  • Make your family proud of you
  • Meet and make friends with people from all over the world
  • Learn new skills
  • Develop a new and exciting lifestyle
  • And much much more

In many ways, the modern day MLM system is much like being a affiliate marketer however MLM is much more sustainable since the arrival of the internet. Nowadays, computers are optimizing the network and technological advancements have made the business plans more sustainable. 

In both marketing systems we invite the customer to purchase products or services via an affiliate link. However, the radical difference between the methods is that multi-level marketing companies also allows team building and earnings from the volume and revenue generated by your team.

The main reason why a distributor would be attracted to multi-level marketing is because the companies pay their reps to multiple levels regardless if they have enrolled the individual or not. This is a powerful motivator, but even more so since the internet has made it possible to share their business opportunities and products all over the world.

In addition, many independent distributorship opportunities give their best reps, free travel bonuses, free car bonuses and rank achieving bonuses. This is why this industry seems far more appealing to prospects rather than an affiliate marketing programs. However, as you will read later I am slightly suspicious about hyped up bonuses such as luxury cars and exclusive travel bonuses unless it is truly business related. From my experience achieving such prizes are rare.  

Products for distributorship

The key reasons why you should sell products for distributorship companies

There are many benefits from being a independent distributor in multi-level marketing, so to help you make a decision I have put some of my own reasons why this industry is a serious option:

No production costs: When I became a independent distributor my main motivation was cost. I didn’t want to worry about investing in manufacturing or quality control or any of the other aspects from owning a company. As a rep my only role is promoting whatever the company is offering. This means any quality or product related issues would be strictly the responsibility of the distributorship and not mine.

Low startup fee: If you have been through a few financial issues in the past, money may not be something you have a lot of.  So starting as a independent distributor with a low start up cost is a massive advantage. 

It is possible to find independent business opportunities for as little as 35$ (20€ / £20) including a webshop, a back office, free training & support and bonuses paid directly into your bank account. The math is simple, it is not possible to start traditional business opportunities for as little as that. The benefits of starting a business at such a low amount is that all the money saved can be reinvested into your business. This give you the freedom to use whatever method you want to use to market your business and still have a massive amount of change left over.

Low infrastructure investment: The great thing about these business opportunities is the low infrastructure investments. You will need nothing apart from a quiet place in your home you can call an office.  This means that you will not need a warehouse for stock and you can simply register online and buy as little as your customers require.  However, most distributorship opportunities offer a affiliate based webshop so your customers and purchase products independently.

However, unless you are intending to sale a large amount of items directly to your customers. It is best to send your customers your personal affiliate link via email or messenger. This will direct them to your shop or for enrolling new independent business partners, it will direct them to your enrollment page. 

Working from home dream: For one reason or another, a massive amount of independent reps are working from home. Generally, stay at home parents, disabled, retired, carers and self employed. 

OK, so I am working from home, what does it mean to me? 

Well, the amount of savings made by working at home are impressive, such as no need to rent an office, no need to drive your car to the office and no buying snacks and coffee at the local coffee shop. So saving all the way,,,,,

However, money is not the only savings. time for me was the most important factor. This has save at least 2 hours a day, meaning in a year I have saved me about 20 days a year instead of travelling.

Global access via the internet: If you have been dreaming of working everywhere and anywhere, we are speaking the same language. If you have read anything else of mine you may remember me saying that global independence is what I have always desire and fortunately enjoy already.  Most of these type of businesses allow their distributors to work anywhere in the world via the internet and mobile devices. This has changed everything for me and my wife, because we can enjoy the sun or the snow whenever we want. That last minute trip to somewhere nice can be arrange at a moments notice and not only does it become a time freedom issue, it also is a money saving issue, because traveling is far cheaper if you are flexible.

International reach: Since the birth of the internet, the growth of online marketing and the potential to earn online has gone through the roof. Most of the independent distributorship opportunities operate globally allowing the rep to reach out to customers anywhere in the world.

I tell new distributors that online and social media marketing is one of my super powers and tell them they should commit to finding their own.

Building an international sales team for your business will impact it in a massive way. However, you really only have two options to achieve this goal:

  • Have family or friends living in other countries
  • Learn some online skills

I was lucky and had both, however nothing is lost if you do not have the technical knowledge to create a blog or a landing page. The Landing page Service offers webpages and blog services for rep doing independent distributorship opportunities looking to push the business online.


Why are independent distributorship opportunities have such a negative image?

In my opinion, the MLM business model is a great concept for someone who is wanting to start a independent business from home with limited resources. 

However, there are some distributorship opportunities that give the industry a bad name.  So, before becoming a independent distributor in any business, take your time to consider and evaluate what the best business opportunities means to you. 

Another thing that a new distributor to this industry should become aware of is how much work is evolved. The reality is that running even part time opportunities needs time. Sitting on the computer and sharing a few ads or messages with friends is not going to be enough. Sadly, any and all business opportunities needs consistent and daily actions. This means time blocking your day to achieve your goals.

Many leaders in these opportunities suggest speaking to family and friends. This is fine but at the end of the day very few family members will join your business or buy your products. The negative impact from being told that your business is rubbish is hard to take and so many new distributors leave before they have really started.

How to register for independent distributor opportunities and be sure it is legitimate?

There is no 100% guarantee that the company you are joining is legitimate, but below I have have put four warning signs.

  1. If the distributorship does not have a real product you should be concerned (Preferably the company should have physical items)
  2. If your income is purely based on recruitment then it is most likely a pyramid scheme
  3. Luxury lifestyle recruitment script: If you are getting the luxury lifestyle pitch during the enrollment process, either the distributor is very inexperienced or the distributorship is not being honest about your possible earnings. 
  4. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is...

Independent distributorship opportunities

Once you have read our advice and you still want to know how to become a distributor of a product, what do you suggest?

My name is Steven Jackson and I have been a network marketer, online marketer and in home based industry for 25 years with modest success. I could easily pitch you the billionaire story from rags to riches, but this is not the reality of making money from home. The fact is it takes years of learning new skills and slowly building your business. The reason I have created this page is because I have been in a similar situation, filtering through business opportunities and being caught out a few times. 

A few years ago I began looking for something new, when the word therapeutic grade essential oils came to my ear. I didn’t hear any hype or luxury claims and the essential oils from the review were highly regarded. All I could hear was customers speaking very loudly about how the loved the oils and how they improved their health and wellness. 

What was interesting to me was the retention rate, meaning the amount of return customers which was over 65% which was great. Also, in addition to the 25% off all their oils for the wholesaler, there is no silly monthly fee to stress about every month.

As you might guess, I done my due diligence and check out everything the company is offering and if it was going to be sustainable over the long term.

If you want more information about how to become a distributor of a product click on the learn more link below and add your name, email address and message on the form and I will get back to you asap.....