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Published on 3/26/2020 additional information available

Is My Health Insurance Affected If I Miss Open Enrollment?

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Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains that Health Insurance Open Enrollment is from November 1st through December 15th 

Changes to your health insurance coverage are usually made during the "Open Enrollment" period. During this time, you can sign up for new health insurance or make changes to your existing coverage. You may wonder what happens to your insurance if you miss the open enrollment period. Because health insurance issues are complex and can be difficult to navigate, you would benefit from the advice of a licensed health insurance agent. Licensed agents who are experts in health insurance plans in Nevada, are paid by the insurance company (so you'll pay nothing for their expert advice), and you'll benefit by having someone to count on to reach out to during the year with questions and problems.

The Closest Thing to 'REAL' Health Insurance If You Missed Open Enrollment

If you've missed the open enrollment period and don't have a qualifying life event that would allow you to enroll during a special enrollment period, you still have options. Although available plans outside the open enrollment period are meant to serve as supplemental coverage, they can provide a bridge to give you some health insurance protection until you can obtain traditional health insurance. It is best to discuss your options with an experienced health insurance agent in Nevada so you can make an informed decision.

If you're a healthy individual, your options are increased. You may be able to take advantage of health insurance plans that are available year-round. These are stand-alone plans that can give you the needed health insurance coverage when you're in a bind and need immediate coverage. You should seek the expertise of a knowledgeable health insurance agent to guide you through the confusing world of health insurance to ensure you obtain coverage that fits your needs. An experienced health insurance agent will explain your options,  which may include health care sharing ministry plans, indemnity plans, and short-term health plans.

Short-Term Health Insurance Applications

You'll find that short-term health insurance can be effective the very next day. You won't see any income-related questions on the application and the medical history section is quite short. You should keep in mind that although you won't need to provide an extensive medical history, the application will only address the most serious illnesses to determine your eligibility. Generally, short-term health insurance plans will have a disclaimer that says the plan will not cover any pre-existing conditions. Your Nevada Insurance Enrollment health insurance agent can provide valuable advice on how the plan works and what your needs are, thereby helping you to receive the best coverage.

Not a Qualifying Life Event: Losing Short-Term Health Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, losing your short-term health insurance coverage is not considered a qualifying life event that cannot trigger a special enrollment period. You could look at additional options such as indemnity policies, or health care sharing ministry options. However, your eligibility would depend on your current medical history. Even though you won't get the level of coverage and consumer protections that you would get with a traditional health insurance plan, obtaining a non-ACA (Obamacare) plan is better than having no health coverage at all.

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Is Here To Help

If you're at risk for losing your short-term health insurance coverage, your best bet is to speak to a Nevada Insurance Enrollment health insurance agent to determine the options available to you. Give us a call today to discuss your health insurance needs to find the right plan for you and your family.

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