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Published on 4/7/2019 additional information available

Is Advertising As We Know it Dead?

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Advertise Where People's Eyes Are!

Finally, The Advertising Industry Meets The 21st Century!
Get Your Ad Seen On Android & iPhones All Around You!

Traditional Advertising Is Dead!

Stop Wasting Your Money!

No one reads the Newspaper these days. People don't watch cable, they watch Netflix and Hulu! Radio ads are never heard anymore. Banners and Billboards are too expensive!

At Genusity, We Have The Solution!

Let's face it, advertising is only effective when people's eyeballs are on your ad!


"The last time you were at the mall, or in a Starbucks, how many people were looking at their phone?"


Cell phone advertising is becoming the newest, hottest...

Advertising Frontier!

Genusity Advertising Network

You Receive 2 Types Of Powerful Advertising
With Any Beacon:

Your ads will not only be transmitted from your Beacons, which is your first type of advertising, but you will also be apart of the Genusity Advertising Network (GAN) at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Our Radius Targeted Online Advertising will allow your ads to be seen within a 50 mile radius of the beacon and/or your zip code.

This will make your Beacons the most powerful advertising device you can have! What does all of this mean? We can now GUARANTEE you VIEWS of your ads.

It also means that your ads will now be seen on all devices! So not only will you be advertising to those around your Beacons, but you will now be advertising online to everyone within a 50 mile radius of your Beacon or entered zip/postal code.

Enter Any Zip/Postal Code In The World!

You can enter any Zip or Postal Code in the world into the system and have your 50 Mile Radius Targeted Online Advertising working for you in that area. So if you live in Asheville, NC and want to advertise in New York City, just enter a Zip Code for NY City and your Ads will be seen on up to 6000 websites online within a 50 mile radius of that Zip Code.

Want to advertise in England? Enter in a Postal code for an area in England and now you have Ads showing on up to 6000 websites in England. The best part is, you can change the Zip/Postal Code as often as you like!

Have your Ad seen on websites such as Social Media, News Media, Games, Blogs, Search Sites, E-Mail Sites, Video Sites and more.

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