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Published on 4/25/2011 additional information available

A Tribute To An Entrepreneur

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I came across a wonderful video today. I had the privilege of meeting Joe Ades an entrepreneur. Not unlike the stories of being able to turn something into gold Joe did this and he did it with style and grace. Joe took a simple household appliance and with his own creative ingenuity and caring for what others would value in this otherwise mundane and simple tool he infused incredible value to the object. Joe transformed it into a magical device that could work miracles for anyone that purchased it, after all to see is to believe and his flowing presentation left nothing to the imagination to manifest doubt. His chosen words, thoughtfully delivered show, now routine for 15 years, were now choreographed to perfection. What made Joe special for me was that he left everyone feeling they had for a moment in time experienced something of true and real value, that they had captured a gem that would transform their lives and the lives of their loved ones for years to come. They did, and in more ways than one I’ve archived Joe’s video, I hope it remains available for years to come. Special thanks to all my members of RSHB and all my Associates at IBO. Easter Blessings! Robert Moreno ;~) P.S. It was brought to my attention that the owner of the video did not allow the embedding of the video so here is the link incase you wish to view it on the YouTube site. ->