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Published on 12/3/2019 additional information available

Is Investing in Gold a Good Idea in today''s Economy?

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Is it a good idea to invest in gold? Many have been debating this question for years. The answers tend to go to one extreme or the other.

Some investors believe that investing in gold is a losing proposition.

That’s because it pays no dividends or interest, and it costs you money to protect and store it.

Other investors believe as the U.S. dollar loses its purchasing power, gold is going to retain its value. Many experts are worried that eventually, debt and inflation combined are going to cause the dollar to lose all value. Therefore, what will you have left when everything hits zero.

This has happened in the past and we are witnessing the failure as we speak.

The question is why does it have to be either or?

Sound investment strategies include diversifying your investment so that you are not exposed to the risk should a catastrophic event happen.

I believe that a sound balanced approach will allow an investor in today’s economy protect themselves and prosper.

The key is getting the right information.

When you realize that even a 10% holding in real gold bullion can help.

Check my affiliate links where you can receive free information packages to help educate yourself on investing with Gold.

If you live in the USA a gold IRA is worth looking at.

If you live in Canada a Gold backed RRSP will accomplish the same thing

If you lean toward the side that believes gold is a smart investment, get educated.

US information for an individual retirement account click here before making gold IRA investments, you need to know how they work.

Likewise in Canada before making an RRSP click here – Gold RRSP

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