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Success Coach
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Go-Founder / Onpassive

Go Founder Member ( Early Bird )
What Is This "ONPASSIVE" Business All About

When I became an ONPASSIVE Founder in January, 2020, about 50,000. people were in already and getting set to change their lives in the year 2020.

Today, there are more than 90,400 Founders, UP BY 342 SINCE YESTERDAY!
About 6,000 new people per month are now joining, before ONPASSIVE has even launched!

This Marketing Miracle is headed YOUR way.

And every day about 300 new people from every corner of the world are becoming Founders.

There are 2 phases to this project.....


GoFounders is the current stage during which anyone worldwide can acquire a Founder position at a cost of $97.

This, I'm sure, will prove to be a life-changing decision for you should you decide to join us.

However, the cost of a Founder position will increase to $149 some time during the month of June, 2020.

(Better to do it a few days early than a day late and pay an extra $52.00.)

At the launch of ONPASSIVE, these Founder positions will no longer be available.

Those who acquire a Founder position prior to the price increase will be able to participate in a series of Marketing Campaigns

which are designed to help all Founders build their teams prior to the launch of ONPASSIVE.


ONPASSIVE is the main platform.

The project developers and programmers are working hard to provide an array of proprietary products

which we describe as the Total Internet Solution (TIS) and Smart Business Solution (SBS).

Please take a look at this short 2-minute overview video...copy & google search : You Tube ONPASSIVE - The Power of AI.

To find out a LOT more about the business, here is the way to our ONPASSIVE Official blog... copy & google search:

You will find lots of information on our website and once you digest this information you will understand why over 90,400 folks

have acquired a Founder position and why you should acquire one while they are still available.

Countless lives will be changed in 2020 and beyond. We are going to make the Roaring 20's ROAR AGAIN!

I listed the videos below to watch,

The power of AI ;
3 minute video :
1 hr vido/ a-must/ very informative;
my join link :
Roger Eddy