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Published on 5/11/2013 additional information available

Responsible Decision-What I must do

#Responsible Decision
#Ann Moses

There are times in your life When you had to make and take responsibility for the things that have happen to you throughout your life. Grant it they were hard ones too! Nevertheless, there comes a point when you had to make a responsible decision because you had no choice in the matter. In making these decisions can be a hard pill to swallow but yet you find a way to live with it. With God’s grace and mercy He sees you through it. To be responsible in your decisions you need to have some “I will’s and I am’s stored up in your mind. 1. I will accept responsibility for my past 2. Never again will I blame any of my family for my present situation 3. I am responsible for my success 4. I am changing where I am mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially 5. I will not dwell in the problems of the past 6. I will not surround myself around those who are not where I am 7. I will stand up for what I believe and what is right 8. I will not exhaust myself with negative energy only positive energy 9. I will stand behind every decision I make 10.I am in control of my thoughts 11.I am in control of my emotions 12.I am in control of organizing my life 13.I will change my way of thinking when it comes to the issues of life 14.I am unique and loved for being so 15.I am loving myself first 16.I will reach out to help those who cannot help themselves When we put all of the above together into one body we are who God created us to be. Be blessed and smile at the new you! Ann Moses

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