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Published on 8/6/2020 additional information available

12 Minute Affiliate Review


What Is 12 Minute Affiliate?

It's a "done-for-you" system that helps you to succeed in affiliate marketing. It will help you to:

  1. Create an account with ClickBank (if you already have an account, skip.)
  2. Create an account with AWeber (if you already have an account, skip.)
  3. Load autoresponder templates (80 x followup messages) onto your AWeber account.
  4. Select an already made funnel and link it to your ClickBank and AWeber.

Your funnel is ready to use; means your opt-in page is linked to your AWeber, ready to collect subscribers, and the bridge page (page that your new subscriber is immediately directed to) is ready with some ClickBank products loaded with your affiliate link.

You can set this all up within 12 minutes - it took me about an hour only because I was faffing around, making coffee and stuffing my face with cakes. Distractions! What's good about it is, whatever can be automated is automated here. Obviously to create your own ClickBank account, you have to sign up with your own password and enter personal details yourself. 12 Minute Affiliate provides a very detailed step-by-step for things like that. The rest is automated. You just enter your ClickBank/AWeber account ID's and click OK.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

What Makes the 12 Minute Affiliate Different?

You see, most of other "done-for-you" systems throw in some sales funnel templates, a dozen of email templates, and instruction guides, leaving the rest to users. But everything's supposed to be "done for you" so they don't even expect you to understand how it works. There are no educational aspects there. Some of them may have their own plain-text autoresponder, the user might think, oh what a bonus, and use it blindly. Little do they know is that the deliverability rates of those in-house autoresponders are close to zero. Never half as effective as proper email services.

12 Minute Affiliate Instructions

Because 12 Minute Affiliate explains how it works, it has a training opportunity and it's open to questions, you will actually learn affiliate marketing, and you can take your knowledge with you in the future. You'll be looked after well. Even for setting up, plenty of brief video instructions as well as full written instructions are there, and I mean "full" instructions.

But before all that, Devon will remind you in his welcome message that you will have to put in a lot of effort to make it work. He says "We can't care about your success more than you do."

Signing Up

I actually didn't like the fact that it was taking me a long time to join. First I had to "book" a live webinar, but instead of letting you book your preferred time slot, it will automatically allocate you to the next session after you sign up with your email, which will start in 4 hours time. I'd be in bed by then, but I knew the replay would be available the next day or so.

Many internet marketers run "live webinars" which are actually recorded. The special software allows them to make their webinar look live, and lets users "reserve a spot". It's a great way to generate leads (because it requires the users to sign up before joining the webinar).

But why wouldn't Devon allow anyone to join 12 Minute Affiliate until they watch the webinar, and would he make them wait for 4 hours? Perhaps he's been suffering from dealing with a lot of time-wasters. The first trial price is less than $10. Those get-rich-quick dreamers may be attracted to the name thinking they can paid a large sum of cash within "12 minutes". But it turns out to be a serious training, so they ask for a refund? I don't know, I'm only guessing. But perhaps he wants to make sure that only serious learners join and make the most of his training.

The webinar itself is extremely useful for newbies in my opinion, I thoroughly recommend it if you are totally new, if you haven't heard about ClickBank or JVZoo. But it's 2 hours long, and the reply is only available for a couple of days. If you've missed it, you need to sign up again.

The good news is, I have a link straight to the video replay page, and you can sign up from there;

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