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What Does It Mean to Be Committed to Your Dreams?

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What Does It Mean to Be Committed to Your Dreams?

What Does It Mean to Be  Committed to Your Dreams?


A commitment is a promise that you make, and it can be to yourself, to someone else, or in service to a goal or mission. Pledges can be personal, professional, or organizational. In your life, you likely have several commitments that you honor.

If you ask successful people what some of the core traits or skills are necessary to achieve prominent success levels, they will undoubtedly include a commitment on their list. 

Being committed means that you honor your promises, work hard to fulfill your obligations, and have integrity when it comes to following through with what you said you would do. 

Being committed to something usually requires a firm intention as well as focus. Understanding the purpose of your commitment (why is this important to me) and having a plan for honoring it (how exactly will I realize this goal?) can help you accomplish your objective and fulfill your commitment. 

What are some examples of commitments you might have? You may be committed to developing a healthy lifestyle. Or to solidify your relationship with your partner. It might be a commitment to the success of your business or job. Or to your children's health and safety, or to care for your parents or older family members.

Every day, you must believe in these choices and perform actions congruent with your desire to realize these goals. 

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