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Published on 3/9/2020 additional information available

Laser Focused Success - Setting Time Limits on Projects

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Laser Focused Success -
Setting Time Limits on Projects

Laser Focused Success - Setting Time Limits on Projects

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It is easy to get caught up spending more time on a project that you initially planned. We can always find ways to tweak and improve our brand, services, and products - but the problem is that not all of this time is wisely spent.

In fact, it is often a better idea to get these to market rather than fall behind because you are trying to get everything "just right." 

Let your market dictate the time you allocate to your projects. 

Here are a few tips to help you improve focus and boost productivity:

Set time limits on every single task - no exceptions. Lay the groundwork for each project you are working on. That includes a complete overview of how to get from start-to-finish. Then, create to a schedule and stick to it!

Assign time blocks to every task so that you can stay focused while being reasonable with how much time each goal will take.

Not only will doing this help you get more done in less time, but it will immediately improve your focus because you are allocating a specific amount of time to one thing, and following through with it. We can easily waste a ton of valuable time by trying to get everything done at once. Still, without creating a priority list that outlines the most critical steps in the process of reaching your goal, we can end up struggling to meet deadlines.

Not every task on our ever-growing to-do list is essential. You must be able to identify what is absolutely required from your list of "want-to's".

WANT TO doesn't mean you HAVE TO!
When you are running short on time, and you are struggling to focus, a priority list becomes even more critical.

And by breaking your tasks down into chunks that are assigned a definite value, you will be able to zero in on the parts of your business that need more attention while freeing up valuable time.

Create a Routine
This is a critical step in staying focused. It begins with creating a strategy and regular routine based on when you are most productive, creative, and able to produce without distractions.

Do you feel more creative in the early mornings but discover that your energy tapers down by noon? Then set your alarm and start working earlier, giving yourself a cut-off time. 

Do you have to shut off your phone, close your email, or fire up a playlist to spring into action?  

Separate Business from Personal (if possible) Your work environment is just as important as your overall workflow.  It would help if you did everything possible to separate your personal life from your work life so that you can eliminate distractions and focus on your priority list. 

Mute that Inner Voice of Doubt
If you are allowing negative thoughts and self-doubt to lead the way, you will never have enough faith in your abilities to see things through.  

You will not only take longer to get ahead, but chances are you will never reach your desired destination.

Continue with Part 6 of this series, where we talk about "Managing Ideas & Boosting Output."

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