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Published on 3/16/2020 additional information available

Laser Focused Success - Managing Ideas & Boosting Output

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Laser Focused Success -
Managing Ideas & Boosting Output

Laser Focused Success - Part 6 - Managing Ideas & Boosting Output

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We all have a hundred different ideas that we feel could be a smashing success in our industry.

Whether it be the idea for a new product or service, there are more ideas than there is time.

This is where you need to learn to reign in all of those ideas you have and construct an action plan that not only fleshes those ideas out so you can weed out the likely winners from the duds, but it will help you focus on boosting productivity.

Why do you need to do this?
Because it has been proven that the human brain cannot focus on more than one thing at a time. 

When we try to divide our attention, we end up scattered. Our quality also suffers. While learning to multi-task may seem like a great idea, narrowing your focus so that you are tackling one task at a time will always produce better results.

So, what can you do when you have more ideas to grow your business than you have time for?

Begin by jotting down the top ideas that come to mind. Do not write summaries or get carried away with hashing out the details. Instead, write down titles for each idea.

Then, tear them apart, one-by-one. Be realistic with your expectations and the time you have to spend on each project. Think about your core audience and what they would be most interested in.

Create a priority list based on all the ideas you have. Again, keep your audience in mind because the ideas you have may not align with what your market is actively looking for.

Thinking about ways to maximize your outreach, further your brand, and provide additional value to your market is essential. Still, if you are struggling to focus, you need a way of segmenting these ideas so that they make better sense. Otherwise, you will spend more time thinking about and analyzing ideas versus bringing those ideas to life.

A project management system is a great tool when it comes to not only fleshing out potential ideas but in staying on track with the projects you are working on. 

Day-to-day operations can be exhausting to keep track of. With a system in place that makes it easy for you to assign value to projects, allocate time and be able to generate a quick snapshot at where you are during each project will make it easier to stay focused on your end goals.

There are countless project management tools available for you to choose from. Or you can easily create schedules using Google Calendar found here.

Click here to continue with Part 7, where we will leave you with some additional tips and strategies.

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