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How Negative Beliefs Influence Your Life

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How Negative Beliefs Influence Your Life

How Negative Beliefs Influence Your Life


The impact your negative beliefs have on you extends far beyond simple negative thinking. Holding negative beliefs about ourselves, our abilities, and our future poses a lot of limitations that can significantly impact our ability to pursue and manifest the things we desire. 

Did you know that:

Negative thinking can contribute to poor mental health? All people think negatively from time to time, but when a negative thought has expanded to become a negative belief, it can mean detrimental impacts on mental health. Those who engage in continual negative thinking can experience prolonged bouts of anger, anxiety, irritability, and depression. 

Negative thinking can even lead to poor physical health? When we think negative thoughts, our brains trigger the same response in our bodies as if we were in real danger. Thus, our physical bodies experience real stress, such as a rapid heartbeat, raised blood pressure, and heightened arousal. 

The more negatively you think, the higher your stress levels are? There is a link between negative thoughts and reported increases in levels of stress. People who engage in regular patterns of negative thinking often perceive situations through a negative lens, which causes them to experience situations negatively. 

Your negative thinking can cause you to have a fixed mindset? Those who engage in regular patterns of negative thinking more often than not possess a fixed mindset. Their beliefs about themselves and their abilities are classified by the idea that one is inherently born with all the knowledge and talent, they will ever have in a given area. Thus, they tend to believe that they cannot improve in areas of weakness. 

Because negative thinking influences your self-esteem, mental health, physical well-being, ability to solve problems, and motivation, it can clearly affect how well you can achieve your most important goals and desires in life. 

So, your first step is to learn to think positively if you want to achieve your goals. 

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