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Four Tried and True Ways to Figure Out What You Most Desire

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Four Tried and True Ways to Figure Out What You Most Desire

Four Tried and True Ways to Figure Out What You Most Desire
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Ready to identify your goals? Here are four strategies that have helped many people figure out what they most want. 

1. Ask yourself, "How can I improve the world?" What steps can you take to improve the world? You are an incredible person, and you can do amazing things. Do not take your gifts for granted. The desire to change or improve the world is deeply rooted in your most important values and could hold the key to your dreams.

2. Look at your life's activities. What do you do that makes you forget to eat or take care of yourself because you get so engrossed in them? These are signs of pure passion and real engagement in your life. What do these activities represent for you?

3. If I was going to die in a year, what would I do today? How would I want to be remembered? There is a practical advantage in considering our mortality because it forces us to focus on essential versus frivolous distractions. You need to dig deep to answer this. 

4. If you could do anything you wanted and didn't have to worry about money, what would you choose? Sometimes, lifting limitations gives you the space to explore your dreams in new and different ways. 

Discovering your purpose and understanding what you want from life is finding something bigger than you are. It doesn't have to be a great achievement. It should be a way to spend the limited time this life allows you wisely. 

Live Your Dream!

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