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Published on 9/11/2019 additional information available

Improving Press Releases

#IBO Press Release
# formatting
# easy steps

For Most IBO Authors

I have read hundreds of Press Releases on IBO and one flaw sticks out like a sore thumb, bad (or no) formatting. If you want me to read and comment on your work, the least you could do is make it easy to consume.

I am not advocating for every Press Release to be a work of art (I prefer simple), but they put those icons at the top of the editor for a purpose and it will serve us well to learn what they do and use them.

Even if you compose your Press Release in a Word Counter to copy and paste into your editor, highlight the complete text and change the font size to make it read better.

This editor does some goofy things with text and line spacing sometimes, but even that can be fixed if you click the icon <> at the top, which shows the source code of your page. Learn the very basics of CSS and you can edit what the editor wrote and completely change the look of your page with rudimentary knowledge.

For example, one day I was writing a PR and the spacing between the lines was so wide it drove me nuts. A quick click  Google search for "css line height" showed me the fix and after clicking on the <> and adding "line-height: 1.2;" into the  style that the editor composes, it was fixed in seconds.

This is just enough to get a few people to dig deeper and if we can convince enough people to upgrade the standard for Press Releases, I think it could improve IBO for all of us.

If you are interested in a video to show how simple this really is, leave me a comment below and I will do one.

Happy Reading,


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