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Published on 7/18/2020 additional information available

MLB 2020: Which baseball club has the best odds to win the World Series?

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The Major League Baseball 2020 season is just a few days away from the first pitch. Of course, the MLB 2020 season will be a shortened 60-game competition with teams playing against their division and the same division from the opposite league in fast-paced season.

Dodgers Spring Baseball

July 23rd is the first day of the season with two marquee games taking place. The New York Yankees will start off against reigning World Series winners the Washington Nationals while the San Francisco Giants will play the Los Angeles Dodgers. There is a week to go until the games begin, so here is what you should know heading into opening day.

Who will win the World Series?

The MLB season is a marathon but not this year. The MLB 2020 campaign will be a sprint and the team that gets off to a bad start will be doomed to miss out on the playoffs. The 162-game season allows for teams to come back from slow starts or to have a midseason dip. That won’t happen this time around and punters should be prepared for a preseason World Series favorite to miss out on the playoffs entirely.

So, which team is the favorite to win the World Series? Two clubs are level on odds as of July 13th: Los Angeles and New York. It is worth noting that David Price, acquired in the offseason, opted out of playing this season for the LA Dodgers.

Los Angeles Dodgers+375
New York Yankees+375
Houston Astros+1200
Atlanta Braves+1200
Minnesota Twins+1500
Tampa Bay Rays+1600
Chicago White Sox+1800
Cincinnati Reds+1800
Los Angeles Angels+2000
Oakland Athletics+2000
Washington Nationals+2000
New York Mets+2200
Chicago Cubs+2400
Cleveland Indians+2500
St. Louis Cardinals+2500
Philadelphia Phillies+3000
San Diego Padres+3000
Milwaukee Brewers+3300
Boston Red Sox+5000
Arizona Diamondbacks+6600
Toronto Blue Jays+6600
Texas Rangers+8000
Colorado Rockies+15000
Kansas City Royals+15000
San Francisco Giants+15000
Detroit Tigers+20000
Seattle Mariners+20000
Miami Marlins+25000
Baltimore Orioles+30000
Pittsburgh Pirates+30000

What should bettors keep in mind?

Due to the season being shortened, there are some specific items to pay attention to or remember in 2020. For starters, both the American and National Leagues will employ the designated hitter. The idea behind the NL using the DH is to prevent pitchers from getting worn out and overworked.

The season begins on July 23 with two games. A day later, a full slate of games will take place at ballparks around MLB. The regular season will conclude on September 27.

Although MLB had spoken about a ridiculous reality show influenced playoff format becoming the new norm to attract new baseball fans, the MLB 2020 playoffs will be the same we have come to know. Three division winners and two wildcard teams will make the postseason.

One of the most interesting rule changes that punters need to be aware of is the changes to games that go extra innings. When a game goes to extra innings, there will be a runner on second base at the beginning of each half-inning. This is to hurry the games along to prevent tiring out players. Teams will have a roster/taxi squad of 60 players available to use for injury.

Players that test positive for COVID-19 will be removed from their teams, quarantined and dealt with on an individual basis.

Check back with Zcode System next week for opening day picks and predictions!


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