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Published on 3/11/2020 additional information available

Syndication Express - Check out the New Look and Features

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Syndication Express - New Look and Added Features for our members

My name is Terri Pattio, creator of Syndication Express. I am proud to be making this announcement about the new look and features of the Syndication Express blogging platform. 

Syndication Express is celebrating 7+ years online and I am extending an invitation to all bloggers, articles writers, authors and IBO associates to check out the blogging community. 

It's free to join the blogging community, and network with all the awesome members that I am very happy to know. It has been a great seven years and I expect it will continue to grow.

Our members are getting syndication and free traffic to their blog content, articles and websites from the search engines and social media sites too..

I invite you to visit Syndication Express and see our members blog posts, videos, photos and forum discussions on the site. 

The feature I'm most excited about is; our bloggers can be compensated for publishing articles on Syndication Express. Here's how it works, all you need to do is publish a new article to the SE platform. Your article content must add value for the SE community to be approved for our members to view so the blog author will get paid. How long will you get paid for your article content? Article writers will be able to earn from their content for one month on Syndication Express, and it will be syndicated on social media sites for even more exposure. 

You can post one article per day. 

Just click on the "Article" tab at the top, and get started now.

How to publish a blog?

Just click on 'Add Blog Post'

How to add a video?

Just click on 'Add Video'

How to create a group?

Just click on 'Create Group'

Continue reading at the link below:

Syndication Express - New Look and Added Features

Here's to your success,

Terri Pattio

Syndication Express - Founder/Owner

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