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Published on 11/11/2019 additional information available

MLM Training - BS Is A Bargain!

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I bet that caught your attention. Now as to what I mean by that. I will get to that in a minute. 

In having a conversation with a friend of mine that I have been knowing for quite a while now. I was meditating on what to write about so it would be helpful for you who are reading this, and then it came to me when she spoke the words out loud. 

Some of my best blog post have come to me while having conversations, and it's funny how that happens. People are always asking me when they are beginners to blogging, what do I write about. YOU will have something to write about all the time if you will listen carefully. Open those ears and use them for the purpose they are there for. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN! 

Now since I have gotten all that out, back to why I say that BS (bull S---) is a bargain, we all know what I'm talking about. It's like when people think they are trying to run a game on you, and by telling half truths or making an excuse and they know it's a lie. They feel funny when they do it but they keep right on shooting their BS at you. 

You can make them look like a fool if you choose to, but you play along. Here's the thing, this is where BS is a bargain, it can cost that person a lot because on any given day if a person is not up to hearing the BS. 

I will bet that it truly will be a bargain when that person will be put in check. Now what will happen is, they will get very upset because they won't understand why this has happened. So why has it happened? It's because of their habit of doing this to people, and they are not even conscious they are doing it. It feels natural to them and they don't even realize what will happen if they continue on this course until someone tells them off about it. What happens is, their reputation will become tarnished because they have did it without even realizing it has become a very bad habit. So now they will have to start all over with those people they have been shooting their BS at all this time. They will have to gain people's trust back and it will not be easy. 

My point in telling you all of this. YOU CAN'T DO THIS IN BUSINESS! Your integrity, honor and reputation is priceless and valuable assets to your business. Also it means your life, it will affect your business to the point of losing every thing you worked so hard for. That residual income you're making will be lost and that will not be easy to get back. Thank you for reading and know that I strive to give the best always. 

Terri Pattio 

MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart 

Social Media Strategist 

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