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Published on 5/23/2020 additional information available

GMB Optimiser Review, Bonus – Google My Business Optimization Software

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# Google My Business Optimizer
# Google My Business Optimiser
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GMB Optimiser Review, Bonus – Google My Business Optimization Software

GMB Optimiser

GMB Optimiser

Mo Taqi’s Google My Business Optimization Software

GMB Optimiser – a breakthrough system with a software and video training that allows consultants to sell what BrightLocal’s survey called the most valuable local service in 2020, that is Google My Business optimization. The software, GMB Optimiser uses market’s first proprietary color-coding analysis technology that allows consultants to instantly spot GMB listings that need optimization. While video training teaches users how to actually optimise a GMB listing..

GMB optimisation is considered to be the MOST valuable local marketing service.

GMB Optimisation Is Where The Money is!

The fact is, businesses are happy with paying big bucks for GMB optimization.

But until now, it was extremely time consuming to scan GMB listings individually and manually. As a matter of fact, it was nearly impossible to tell what businesses need to optimise their Google My Business listings.

But thanks to GMB Optimiser’s proprietary color-coded analysis technology, your subscribers can now spot a listing in need of optimisation in a snap literally.

Now you may be thinking…

What about providing the service itself?

Well, we’ve got your customers covered as we have included a complete step-by-step video training so your subscribers know GMB inside out and optimise their clients’ profiles professionally and get paid handsomely for doing so.

Here’s Where GMB Optimiser Comes In


1. Our software will show you businesses who desperately need GMB optimisation in a color coded format

2. Reach out to the business owners using our proven email templates

3. Follow our included training to optimise your client’s GMB listing and get paid!

In Addition To The Software & Training, Your Customers Also Get…

DFY Consultant Website

With GMB Optimiser, your subscribers get everything they need to see great results as a consultant.

They get a professionally made and designed consultant site that helps them showcase their services like a professional as well as give credibility to their services.

Quick Start Guide

We get it. Not everyone is good at techie stuff or born with a computer science degree.

That’s exactly why we made it a priority to put together a quick start guide that explains everything.

Everything from the bare basics, to how to make the most out of the software as a customer.

Starter Pack

Your subscribers will need as much resources and materials as possible to look like they’re a trusted agency or a local consultant.

This is why we’re going to include a starter pack at no extra cost.

Your subscribers would get a set of premium logos, flyers, and business cards.

But Wait! There’s More!

Your Customers Also Get These 3 Bonuses (Only During Launch Duration):

GMB DFY Proposal Template

OK, you’ve grabbed your prospects interest. What do you do now?

Fill in our DFY proposal template, and send it over to your client.

Your client will instantly see what they’re getting & paying for, helping you close them faster.

Pricing Guide

After you get GMB Optimiser, you may ask yourself…

“How much do I sell these services for?”

Well, that’s the reason why we put together a pricing guide that details exactly how much to offer these services for at a rate business owners will pay for without any resistance in this day & age.

Step-By-Step Checklist

Staying organized is everything.

So, we put together a killer checklist that will help you stay organized and outperform your competition as a local marketer.

GMB Optimiser:

GMB Optimiser

Mo Taqi’s Google My Business Optimization Software

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