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Published on 2/3/2020 additional information available

Dividends-Your Source For Wealth Creation

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I did some research and found out that the Dutch East India Company was
the first corporation to be listed on a stock exchange. The first stock exchange
was started in 1611. VOC was the name of the stock exchange. Don't ask me what
VOC stand for, I have no clue. The location was in Amsterdam. I am confident the stock
market is not going anywhere but to generate me some wealth. That is why I am saving me
my commissions and rewardicals and funds from my personal accounts to open me a massive
investment account.

Retirees or even younger people might want to buy large cap stocks for their dividends that
get paid out every 3 months. The larger your funds you have to invest, the better your dividends
will be. In my case, I will allocate large cap, medium and small cap stocks in my portfolio. I Make the
most money in small cap stocks because of the rise of the company shares. But be careful when buying
stocks and do your homework by studying the companies financial statements. I like to see the companies
total assets is more than the total liabilities when buying stocks. What you don't want to happen is to buy 

overpriced securities or stocks, especially small cap stocks. I know how to buy them cheap. You can either
reinvest your dividends from large cap stocks or simply cash them out.

I will probably cash out 50% and reinvest the other 50% in more company shares.
You don't even have to touch the principle when doing this. People save money to
buy houses. I don't see nothing wrong with saving money to buy stocks either. I am buying
assets that can rise in value. That is making my money work for me ,not the other way around.

Saving money for long term goals can improve my business and financial success.

The 4 Step Formula For My SFI Business Is As Follow:

1. Team Building
2. Duplication
3. Saving My Commissions & Rewardicals
4. Use My Income From My 9-5 Job To Fund My SFI Business

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