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Published on 4/5/2012 additional information available

What Is The QLXchange ? OUR MISSION and OUR GOALS !

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In today’s economy, it seems that everyone is looking for a way to earn extra income. The shrinking job market, falling asset values, and economic uncertainty makes every day a struggle. Financial success can be a significant factor in developing a low-stress, worry-free life-style, and offers an innovative way to earn a secondary income by building a home-based business to help you achieve your goals. Who knows, it may even become your primary income. Network marketing uses all of the leverage offered via the Internet to help you prosper in an ever-growing industry. And, QLXchange is a unique business opportunity, which provides its members the ability to earn money by marketing a valuable commodity and incents you to share this opportunity with others, which will increase your income, as well. This program is network marketing at its finest with a high paying commission structure and a product that has the potential to significantly increase in value over the next year and beyond. The core products offered by QLXchange are marketing education, investment reports, and a silver savings program. By joining as a sales professional: • You gain access to discounts on all your silver purchases • You will be provided the sales and marketing tools to be a successful Internet/Network Marketing professional • You will receive home-based business building skills/knowledge • You earn residual income for every person in your downline OUR MISSION Our mission is to help our members become successful entrepeneurs through educating them about the power of network marketing, building a long lasting business venture, and providing guidance so they can take control of their financial future. In addition, Our Mission is to help YOU achieve the following: • Earn the money it take s to become financially successful • Invest your earnings for the long term using investments with monthly cash flow • Learn investment skills such as Asset-Allocation and Diversification • Grow your assets to achieve your goals and your dreams! OUR GOALS We offer excellent products and services, which are the result of our strategic partnerships with select companies. Our solutions empower people to maximize their potential by finding ways to enjoy personal and professional success. We embrace the life enriching principle of sharing and believe the act of sharing needs to be the cornerstone for all of us to grow our business. Through OneX (our feeder program) we offer tools that you need to increase your success, and the success of those that you bring into the business. It is our goal, therefore, for us to share – and advance – together. Join us today, so together we can reach new levels of achievement. Some of our additional goals include: •Increasing YOUR income. •Increasing YOUR success. •Giving you the tools to build your network. •Creating long-term partnerships. •Developing innovative business strategies. •Offering an environment of experience and professional insight. •Introducing products and services that further your achievement. •Providing education, which will help you become a master of your own business. Think of our goals as a means by which QLXchange can improve your financial health. Call it old-fashioned business expertise, or genuine compassion for others, but we stand by the principle that we can – and should – be a team based on sharing. For good people help each other, creating a framework of achievement. That philosophy guides our actions and underscores our commitment on your behalf. P.s JOIN FREE WITH LINK AT TOP Thanks Darren

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