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Published on 3/27/2012 additional information available

Single quickest and surest way to kick-start ANY new networking business

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Benefactoring, Why and How Without any doubt, the single quickest and surest way to kick-start ANY new networking business is by a method called to as “Benefactoring.” This is the process of paying the entry costs for some or all of your prospects. Can this get expensive? Yes! Does it reap great rewards? Yes! Why would it work? Simply because it takes away the fear of loss from the prospects mind. Unlock the door with the key to benefactoring. How many people should one benefactor for a networking business? This is a good question and the answer is complicated. There are several things to consider. 1) What is the entry cost? 2) What is your affordable budget? 3) How many people must you sponsor to begin earning from the program? 4) How quickly is it probable for your investment in benefactoring to be recouped? 5) Is the program one that your benefactored prospects will see the value in duplicating what you have done? Several things must be evaluated before you jump in and begin benefactoring prospects. When you are looking at a new business, consider the entry cost…There are literally thousands of networking opportunities available with a wide variety of entry costs. Recently, there are a number of extremely low-cost programs popping up, some for less than a ten-dollar entry fee. These low-cost entry programs often lead to much richer rewards down the road, but some have excellent profitability all on their own…It is this type of program that best lends itself to the use of benefactoring. Contact your sponsor and ask if the company has any tools available for benefactoring. Often they will be available from your back-office in the program. Sometimes, if enough people ask for tools from a company they will have benefactoring tools added to the programming. Check periodically in your back office for new additions. If no tools are available, simply contact your prospect, telling them, “There is a new program that shows great potential for financial gain. I’d like to help you understand the program, and if you like what you see, my offer to you is that I’ll pay your entry fee. You can pay me back once you’ve earned twice the entry fee…So, you’ll truly have no risk in joining me in this company.” If your prospect is still not ready to join, simply tell him, “I respect your decision, but please know that if you decide later to join I cannot guarantee my offer to pay your entry fee may not be available.” Then immediately move to the next prospect. It is very likely that it will take you less than a day to find your list of prospects to benefactor filled…Don’t hesitate, time is of the essence in bringing this recruiting method to its fruition

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