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Published on 3/28/2012 additional information available

Online Marketing : How to Develop Interest

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Developing Interest Have you ever heard the saying, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care?” This is a perfect description of how you develop interest in your product or service with your prospects. No one wants to hear about another scheme to make money or to buy a new product until you prove that the person presenting it has the prospect’s best interests at heart. How do you accomplish that task? It really is simple and we’ll walk you through the process in this lesson. The object with this part of the sales process is two-fold. First, you want to show that you care about the prospect and his/her needs, wants, and desires; and secondly to show that this product or opportunity may fill a specific desire or need for the prospect. You can accomplish all of this with questions rather than statements, or sometimes by statements posed as questions. You begin with non-specific questions just asking about the prospect and his/her state of mind. Depending upon how well you know the prospect, you might start with a question about the well-being of a family member. If this is not a prospect that you know personally, the object is to get to know a little about him/her within three or four questions. Then, ask about his/her financial goals, family goals, and spiritual goals. Show genuine interest in their condition in all of those areas. You’ll have to develop your own questions that fit your own personality to accomplish that bonding. Then quickly you’ll want to ask a leading question like: “Have you ever considered trying to better yourself financially?” Most people will answer yes to that question, so you should then follow with a more direct question such as. “If I could show you a way to add $NNNN (insert a realistic number from your business opportunity) to your bottom line this coming year, with very minimal effort on your part, would you give me five minutes of your time to show you how to accomplish that?” It is really just that simple, IF you are believable in showing him/her your interest in them, he/she will be open to hear your proposal…You will have shown him/her that you really do care. That leads directly to the next lesson, which covers convincing him/her that what you are offering will accomplish what you suggested it might. That’s called the conviction step of a sale. P.s More Info and Tips Updated Daily

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