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Online Marketing: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

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Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way Going forward in any business always leaves you with several choices in how to proceed. Usually, the choice is yours to make. This is definitely true in any networking business. Whatever your choice, be sure to follow it to its completion. If you choose to LEAD, you must learn every in and out of the business. You must have your follower’s best interest at heart and be sure that whatever you tell them is going to happen comes true. A basic requirement for leadership is personal vision - the ability to visualize your goal as an accomplished fact; a thing already achieved. Another requirement is the ability to also be a follower. You must be able to follow the organizations overall plan, their goals, and their vision. And you must be able to communicate that with your followers. The next requirement is the realization that the goal cannot be achieved alone, without the help of others. Is there a natural grouping of people from whom you can elicit help? Or do you have to recruit your followers? In the latter, you face a greater challenge. But whatever the situation, the leader must integrate his (or the organization's) goal with his followers’ personal goals and then communicate this goal in such a way that they embrace it too and the goal becomes a common goal. To be a leader, one must have followers. To have followers, one must have their trust. How do you win their trust? Why would others trust you? Most important, are you worthy of their trust? Why are some individuals more effective than others at influencing people? Effectiveness in leadership has been attributed to (1) persuasion skills (2) leadership styles (3) personal attributes of the leader For now, consider one critical element of leadership (influence) - love for people. Sound like too big of a job to take on, at least in the beginning? Then be a GREAT Follower. To be a great follower one must accept the leader’s goals and the organization’s goals as their own. In doing this try every day to picture yourself following your leader and achieving the projected rewards…If you can successfully do this, your rewards will still be great. You will be learning from your leader and in essence, you too will eventually become a leader. Here are some characteristics of a good follower: Self-management : Having the ability to manage yourself and the ability to be productive, organized and efficient. Communication: Great followers listen and learn as well as express their thoughts, suggestions and ideas. Collaboration: A follower's success is tied to the team's success, whether it is a team of two or two thousand. To paraphrase a portion of a speech from the show West Wing, "We win together. We lose together. And we are better for having gone through it together." Loyalty: The best followers are committed to the team, the leader, and the mission and goals of the organization. Being a follower is an important role. It is because of followers that leaders are made. Unfortunately, the term has developed a negative connation over the years; however, there is nothing negative about being the person who helps a leader to become successful. Being a follower means you need to be actively engaged in the success of the leader. Otherwise, the leader could soon fall from grace. So the next time you consider a role as a leader or follower, consider the importance of both. And recognize that not everyone can be a leader. If you still don’t think you’re up to this task, then please step aside and let the leaders and followers get the job done. Fortunately, in network marketing there is still room for those who, at least at first, just sit back and let things happen!

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