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Published on 3/28/2012 additional information available

Online Marketing: How To Find and Approach Groups

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How to Find and Approach Groups Not everyone can be a super-star, however, in our daily lives we often encounter such people. Often we don’t recognize them nor their ability to enrich our lives in many ways. Just what is a “super-star?” A super-star is someone who has the ability to influence us as well as many other people. Sometimes the influence is financial, sometimes it is emotional, or spiritual, or maybe it affects our physical well-being. Some of these people are obvious: Ministers, Doctors, and Attorneys, to name a few. What about the president of our condo or homeowner’s association? How about the president of the Rotary Club or Kiwanis Club to which we belong? There are star athletes, musicians, teachers and professors, and as you can imagine, the list could go on nearly forever. Do you know any of these people? Anyone who has any type of influence over large numbers of people can become a “super-star” for you in your new networking business. There are also leaders in other networking businesses. If they are truly leaders, they are always open to new ideas and concepts, but to get through to them you must be able to grab their attention with one or two sentences. These sentences must be carefully crafted to raise a positive response and arouse the leader’s curiosity. We can’t begin to craft those sentences for you, they are dependent upon the business you are promoting and the relationship that you have with the leader. It is best for you to work with your sponsor to develop the specific “one-liners” that you’ll use with your prospects. Many companies have help in your back-office. You should start right away building your contact list and then contact your sponsor for help designing your attention grabbers for these prospects. If your sponsor isn’t able to help, ask them to introduce you to an up-line leader who has the necessary experience. That’s why we all are in networking…It’s all about helping each other reach our own success for the betterment of everyone. If you haven’t chosen the business you are going to build as yet, here are a few words about making your choice. 1) Entry fee (purchase) should be under $100 – This will maximize the number of people who can afford to buy the product and join you. 2) Do not rule out ANY product unless it offends you morally. 3) A unique and unusual product and one that has a natural demand will enhance your ability to sell it. 4) Some programs have a GREAT product, but their entry level program has something less glamorous. This could still work very well for you as long as you point out the end goal is getting to the more desirable product at a substantially reduced cost. 5) There are MANY entry-level programs with an entry product costing less than ten dollars! It is easy to build these very desirable programs to great numbers, and they lend themselves extremely well to large group recruiting. Another way to find large groups and their leaders is to go through your SPAM folder in your email as well as your in-box every day – many of these leaders will send thousands of emails daily to their data-base. Locating and arousing the interest of just one of these “super-stars” can insure your long-term success in any business. Often a short reply to one of these leaders with a short “teaser” one-liner will get them to call you! This type of leader is always on the lookout for new programs they can promote to their data base.

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