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Published on 3/29/2012 additional information available

Online Marketing: How To Convince Your Prospects

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Convincng Your Prospects Now that you have perked the prospect’s interest in what you have to show him/her, it is time to convince him/her that what you are showing him/her is capable of doing the job that you painted in the interest step. We’ll call this the “Conviction” step. We’ll accomplish this with a series of facts linked to benefits. First, list the facts that you know about your business…Not Claims, just pure facts. This list will vary depending upon the company and product or service that you are promoting. The following facts should be available for every company: 1) Cost of product; 2) Is there a monthly ongoing cost? 3)How long has the company been in business? 4) How quickly is the product available for delivery? 5) How soon are commissions paid on each sale? 6) Are personal sales required for the prospect to earn money? 7) Is it necessary for the prospect to personally sponsor additional people to earn money? 8) Are their bonuses for recruiting and making additional sales? Continue listing positive facts about your company, product, and opportunity. Once you complete your list, prepare to meet with your prospect by building five or six facts linked to benefits for the prospect. Find the proper benefits from their dreams and desires you found from the interest step. Then link the facts to the benefits with a bridge such as: “The (name product) costs only $NNN, which means you won’t take any bread and butter off you table to get started.” In the above example, the cost of the product is the fact, “which means” is the bridge and the remainder is the benefit… Continue with the list creating several sentences that use this formula. As you near the end you’ll want to use one similar to this: “As you have seen, the potential earnings could easily exceed $50,000 (insert proper number from your opportunity) this next year and because of that, you’ll be able to afford that great family vacation you want! (insert applicable dream from interest step)…You see? It is: fact – bridge – benefit. Doing it that way shows the prospect why what you are proposing has value to him/her. Try to do all of your convincing is no more than five to six sentences and then move immediately into the “Building Desire” step!

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