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Published on 3/30/2012 additional information available

Online Marketing: All Businesses Are Based On Numbers

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All Businesses Are Based On Numbers Every Business of any kind MUST make the numbers work for them to remain in business. There are several facets to that statement but where we will focus in this lesson is on what I call the “Next!” philosophy. What is the “Next!” philosophy? It is based on not being discouraged when someone you just know would be GREAT in your business turns down the opportunity. You could have several reactions. You could stew over it and try to figure out where you went wrong in presenting it. You could take fifteen minutes, fifteen hours, or fifteen days trying to second-guess why that particular prospect said “No.” Or, you could simply say, “Next!” and move on to the next prospect on your list. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out, just move on from prospect to prospect until someone says, “Yes!” You must understand that it will happen over and over just that way. Here is a good example from my pre-retirement days as a business to business telemarketer. It was my first day on the job setting appointments for the company’s outside reps to visit the businesses. After ten minutes of training from the manager, I hopped on the phone. Within fifteen minutes I’d made twenty-eight phone calls and the twenty-ninth was my first appointment. I heard grumbling around the room about “beginner’s luck!” It didn’t slow me down. My job was to make phone calls and hopefully set four appointments in an eight hour day. Twenty appointments a week meant an extra bonus of $100.00 and thirty appointments in a week meant a $250.00 bonus for the week. (In the three years of the company’s history no one had ever earned the $250.00 bonus). When the end of the first day came, I had set seven appointments and all of them were confirmed. Immediately there were complaints from some of the other telemarketers. They all said I’d been given the choice territory. What did I do? I offered to trade areas with any of them for the next day. The results were similar – six appointments and more complaints again. By the end of the week I’d worked six different territories and set a total of thirty-three leads, a company record. Did the complaints stop? No. Now they all said, “Just wait until the reps run those leads and come back complaining that they are no good. ” Did that happen? Of course not, in fact the closing percentage for my leads was almost twice the company average. Was it because I had some secret sales technique? Or did I have a “Golden Voice?” Definitely I didn’t have a “Golden Voice,” however, I did possess a tremendous sales secret…Stick to the company’s prepared presentation and just keep dialing. When call volume was analyzed I’d made more than twice as many calls as the closest telemarketer and four times as many as most. All I’d done differently was to make the numbers work for me. My success continued and one week I topped forty appointments…just make the numbers work for you! You’ll be really glad that you did. Some would call my method, “Throwing mud against the wall and hope some of it sticks.” I would heartily disagree with that statement. What I did was to follow the plan set up by the company and not waste time talking to other reps about it. Just remember that the number of people/customers you have…the more money you make.

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