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How To Find Prospects For Your Business

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Finding Prospects The first thing you’ll need to do to grow your new Business to its maximum is to find a list of prospects that will listen to your story, or rather, to the story of the company behind your new business. Usually, the plan is simple and there are videos or conference calls (sometimes recorded) to do all of the selling for you. All that is necessary is for you to come up with people to whom you can show the simple idea. Many of you reading this will react by thinking or saying: “Oh No! Not another scheme to extract money from my friends and relatives. This is a natural reaction, however, think back about those schemes that you have encountered in the past. Usually the cost to each person joining is $100.00 to $5,000.00…No wonder it was so difficult to find people eager to risk that kind of money on a scheme that has a marginal, at best, chance of success. Remember, many business opportunities today are very low cost to enter, some even free, and the potential rewards are HUGE! Finding prospects is not complicated. It starts with making a list of everyone you know, or that know you, or even know of you. These are people like: Friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, people with whom you belong to a civic organization, social club, or even church members. Remember, this is not some expensive multi-level program that will hurt anyone’s budget…We’re talking about under three bucks to earn a substantial financial reward…And it can easily lead to even greater things down the road. So, how do you begin making your list? Start with a screen on your computer with an open blank word processing document. Just start typing a list of sources: • Work • School • Church (Does your Church have a directory or an online contact list?) • Kiwanis Club • Neighborhood (in some neighborhoods there is an association with a list) • Childhood friends • Former co-workers • Etc. Next, start filling in names in each category – don’t worry about how to contact them yet, just get a list of names – you should easily fill up a list of 250 people. Next decide how you will contact each person on the list…Some by phone, some in person, and some by email or even snail (USPS) mail. Then collect the necessary contact data for each prospect. You will notice the availability of numerous aids in your back office for most on-line businesses – videos, recorded calls, etc…Be sure to make use of these tools for they will do most of the selling for you. If you have difficulty coming up with 250 names, you may want to use a list service such as “Sales Genie” to give you enough prospects to cause the growth you seek. (If you go to you will find an opportunity to try out their service for FREE!) There is one absolutely Sure-Fire way to bring in tons of people into your new business and it will be discussed in lesson number two: Benefactoring – Why and How! Your initial target should be to recruit or benefactor at least ten people into any new business and teach them to do the same. This will assure maximum exposure and you’ll watch your business grow by leaps and bounds. However you decide to proceed, take the first steps immediately. The quicker you begin, the quicker you’ll see $$$$ in your account. To Get FREE LEADS CLICK ON LINK AT TOP

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