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Published on 3/18/2016 additional information available

How to Promote Your blog, vlog or Youtube channel.

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How to Promote Your blog, vlog or Youtube channel




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If you are looking for a profit from your efforts, there is an absolute need for ordinary people to easily find your blog,
vlog or Youtube channel. Blogging or vlogging is a also a great way to sell products, and adds a personal touch that
readers can easily identify with. It is a helpful way to improve any online business, and is an additional way to connect
with your clients. It not only adds content to your site, but it also grows your online presence.
One of the main requirements with any online venture is getting enough visitors, or traffic to it.


Actively Participate in Social Media.

If you are not being liked, shared, tweeted or pinned you are to all intents and purposes, invisible to Google.
Make sure you promote your posts in the social media by posting about them in Facebook, with a link back to the original
post or video and by Tweeting every time you add content.
In addition, be sure to include a section on your site that displays how your customers can best get in touch with you.


Optimizing Your blog or video description or tags.

 Use best practice SEO techniques as you write. There are a number of plug-ins which can help in this regard, so take
advantage of them and optimize each page and post or video you make.
Ensure that you have you target keyword in the page Meta tag, in the title and at least once in the body of your text. It
still helps to make some formatted in a heading style, and it is also a good idea to have the keyword in the anchor text
of a link.

You can start a blog or video for free, with services such as Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress , Vimeo Youtube,.... If you
already have a domain, you can also install blog software on your existing website, often for free. Most blogging software
and free blogging services offer a lot of options for customizing your blog. You choose blog templates with one column,
two columns, three columns or more. You can change colors and fonts. You can make the blog look the way you want it.

Blogs or video provide easy interaction with the readers. On most blogs or videos , there is an option for people to
comment on a post or video. On some popular blogs or on Youtube , you may see some very lively discussions going on in the
comments section. On a business website, the interactivity can be a very valuable tool. By reading the comments, the
business owner can quickly view visitor opinions, and even respond to their concerns.


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