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Published on 8/14/2019 additional information available

Weighted Blankets Embraced to Alleviate Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia

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August 12, 2019 – According to Quility Weighted Blanket, America’s leading provider of weighted blankets for individuals with stress, anxiety, and insomnia, the number of people seeking the therapeutic benefits of weighted blankets is rapidly rising. As sleep disorders, stress, fatigue, and anxiety increase around the United States, Americans continue to turn to weighted blankets as a natural solution to alleviate their symptoms without the side-effects frequently associated with some medications.

Quility Weighted Blanket, the top-rated weighted blanket brand labeled “Amazon’s Choice,” applies gentle pressure to increase the sleep-regulating hormone, melatonin, while reducing the stress-raising hormone, cortisol. As a result, users consistently report greater feelings of relaxation, lower anxiety, and improved nights’ sleeps.

“Millions of Americans suffer due to anxiety, stress, and difficulty sleeping. People are working longer days and sleeping less, often resorting to costly solutions with negative side-effects,” said Quility Weighted Blanket’s CEO. “Weighted blankets, which are completely natural and highly effective, offer an ideal solution for stress, anxiety, and insomnia. At Quility, we’ve embraced deep touch pressure technology to deliver the highest quality weighted blankets available on the market today.”

To learn more about how Quility Weighted Blanket is transforming the way Americans manage stress, anxiety, and insomnia, please visit:


About Quility Weighted Blanket 

Quility Weighted Blanket, which started as a small US-based family company, is committed to making the world a happier, healthier place. Decades ago, Quility’s founders discovered the incredible power of weighted blankets to ease the suffering of those with anxiety, PTSD, stress, and insomnia. Crafting every blanket with the best materials on the market, Quility Weighted Blanket is committed to delivering the highest quality to its customers.


Media Contact: 

Quility Weighted Blanket

Tele: 1-(888)-972-9506



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