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Published on 11/19/2019 additional information available

A Garden of Many Seeds, The Millionaire Project -The Laws Of Wealth!

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                 The First Law Of Wealth: Plant Your Seeds,
                                        Water your Garden!

1. The First law of wealth says:  Pay Yourself First!  

This means that out of whatever money you make, no matter the size, set aside 10% of it for yourself.  This money is called your Principle and it is that money that will start the building of your wealth, thus it is often referred to as seed money. Anyone who has a source of income can use this law to pull themselves out of the doldrums of poverty into the sunshine of wealth with the only difference being “Time”. The younger one starts to adhere to these laws, the more wealth they can acquire, but it doesn’t matter how much money they have at the time, they can become a wealthy person by adhering to the laws.

2. Poor people work for money while rich people have their money work for them.
Many people are under the impression that they need a large pool of money from which to pull their principle. In order  to live comfortably and they resign themselves to the mindset of a job and hope
 they can get as close to becoming a millionaire as possible.  They look for high paying jobs that give them large salaries and options, often being bogged down by these very things with family life, love life and health often suffering as a result.  However, every so often we hear of some who have pulled themselves up the ladder of wealth by their own bootstraps, with minimal education and cashflow. This thereby proves education is not the final determinant factor in wealth and neither is a 6 or 7 figure salary. The determinant factor is the number formula and consistency of application.  The number formula is called Compounding and is spoken of in several sources of aged wisdom, but the most well-known man who spoke highly of it was Albert Einstein, one of the greatest intellects of the 20th century.  He said that the most powerful force in the universe was one of the greatest intellects of the 20th century.  He said that the most powerful force in the universe was compounded interest and confidently stated that he could show how even if a person worked for minimum wage, as long as they follow the laws of wealth, they couldn’t help but become wealthy.  Wow, what a statement huh? 

3.  Prepare Mentally for Wealth

Becoming wealthy requires some preparation, mental and physical. First one must believe that they deserve wealth regardless of their background or history. Wealth is no respecter of persons. Everyone deserves wealth!  In this society, the mind has been trained to want things incessantly which ultimately ends up in debt. Debt restricts one’s ability to build their principle from incoming earnings because it overextends a person’s ability to pay and inflates interest so that makes it very hard for a person to pay the debt off, let alone pay themselves first.  Therefore, in preparation to become wealthy, first know you are truly deserving and it is possible for you! Secondly, do not squander your Principle by buying things to satisfy the ego and portray wealth, but let your seed money grow and then when it’s time, place it somewhere to grow by itself, or what we call compounding. 

Fundme247 is a good place to both create wealth and compound wealth. Reason being, it is affordable to initiate the seeds of wealth since it only costs $58 to start. Furthermore, can compound your principle 3
times, using 3 streams of income: Fundme247,

Fundme2Infinity and Feedme247! We will talk more of this and illustrate this practical application of compounding in the next article. Stay tuned!

To join Fundme247 please refer to the person who sent you this article. If you do not have a sponsor, contact support@fundme247 for a link. 

Carolyn McTush,  Fundme247 Admin

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