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Published on 1/26/2021 additional information available

This isn''t always the Swat River

#They throw bhangras alongside its banks and perform atand (Pashtun dance). Later
# by way of making these selfies and images

This isn't always the Swat River

past Madinah, our automobile became dashing along the riverbank, and the muddy water below was pouring down from the embankments constructed on the banks of the river.

Swat, the valley of lakes and waterfalls, should be sacrificed to a roaring muddy river and scattered waves. Even a heartless servant would not want this. these days, whilst you look at the Swat River, the muddy water, and the noisy noise, this is not the river on the banks of which tourists come to relieve their fatigue. where couples put their toes in cold water and wander away in each other unaware of the sector and mafia.

today, the river at the banks of which children and cherished ones do no longer get bored with taking selfies, and guard its emerald-like water against the eye in their digital camera is not seen. They throw bhangras alongside its banks and perform atand (Pashtun dance). Later, by way of making these selfies and images the adornment of social media, the sector hopes to carry down the hills of pop.

permit me to let you know that this isn't only the river that now not handiest swat but additionally all of the fields at the way to merge into the Indus River, bestows its fresh water on absolutely everyone like a Hatim Tai, and all the lands up there may be gold in return. Are subsequent

however nowadays this river has overflowed. I sense a bit worn-out once I study it nowadays. these days, its waves are coming out of the beaches, and the encompassing fields, orchards, and populations aren't bringing something to thoughts. today, the whole lot is flowing like garbage and we are standing helplessly in an excessive area and witnessing the devastation caused by it.

Heavy rains for the 1/3 day in a row have angered the benevolent Swat River. Rivers and streams are witnessing such a flood and flood situation that it's miles harking back to the catastrophic floods of 2010.

what is the instrument for measuring this sorrow? human beings who have been living along this river for loads of years are now pressured to move to safer regions. Leaving your full residence is a little in a person's lap, then antique bones in the shape of mum or dad on a person's shoulders and if they prevent, they will be swept away with the aid of the waves.

One such own family carried a few luggage of groceries on their shoulders and headed for safety. We stopped our automobile. In it, 14-12 months-old Samiullah, who had a lamb in his lap, soaked in the rain, his lips had been trembling. I asked him in which are you going? "Our residence (hut) become destroyed via the waves of the river, so now we're going to our uncle's house, who lives in the mountains above," he stated innocently.

I don't have any device to degree the pain, in any other case, I would have measured the ache of this innocent. Out of grief, I forgot to take an image of him. even though he didn't neglect it, he probably would not be able to take it off.

consistent with the Flood mobile of Swat District Irrigation branch, 35,710 cusecs of water waft and high-degree flood was recorded in Khawaja Khel (one of the foremost tehsils of Swat) on Tuesday morning. according to the flood cell, the water degree in the afternoon became fifty-one,280 cusecs and an excessive level of flood. guess the relaxation, rain is forecast for Friday. by using then, how plenty water would have flowed below the bridges and what number of matters would have flowed like garbage, Allah knows high-quality!

travelers who visit Madinah, Bahrain, Kalam, and different visitor destinations every year have already been ordered by the management to leave Swat because of the flood situation. similarly, riverside motels had been closed to store treasured lives.

Shehzad Niazi, a guest from Sahiwal, touched his earlobe and stated, "I have been to Swat two times but that is the primary time I have seen the river so irritated."

Estimates of the devastation will now be made, workplaces may be blacked out, but according to reports, three bridges were flooded within the Bela place of Madin, a lovely tourist destination in Swat, due to which maximum of the regions The ground connection is disconnected. Now there will be food shortages. fitness problems will stand out, but there may be no bridge to deliver medicine.consistent with Rahim Sabir Torwali, a nearby journalist and younger author in Bahrain, "the water from Kalam did no longer motive as a great deal damage as the water from Lake Daral."

on the same crossroads is a small market in Bahrain. at the side of many hotels and restaurants, there is also a mosque right here, which has been flooded. most of the houses in Daryal Dara had been submerged. hence, the street to Daral (constructed by a nearby NGO) has been washed away. in addition, 7 to eight domestically made wood bridges have also been flooded.

in this unhappy adventure of ours, in lots of horrific and heartbreaking information, true news proved to be a breath of sparkling air that 13 humans trapped inside the water relay within the 'Jare' location of Madinah have been rescued. thirteen lives saved. What can be higher news than this!

We Pashtuns also every so often starts doing very bizarre things. On the one hand, if there are tough waves of the Swat River, on the other hand, there are some silly skulls to counter them.

while some people are searching for safe vicinity to save their lives from the floods, some are trying to leap into the waves and grab firewood. In one of these situations.

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