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Published on 10/25/2019 additional information available

Reset Your Liver To SLIM!

#Love Your Liver
# Liver Cleanse
# Health & Wellness

The health of the liver is the key to living a healthy life.
The liver supports almost every other organ in the body.
If you want to live, you'll need a healthy liver.

Did you know the liver is responsible for helping metabolize 
fat? Optimizing your liver health can help you lose weight 
and meet your weight loss goals. Here are 5 tips for liver 
health (and weight loss)!

  1. Reduce/eliminate processed foods from your diet. 
    Pick up any frozen pizza or box of mac & cheese and 
    look at the ingredients. If there are things you can't 
    pronounce, they probably aren't great for your liver 
    (and the rest of your body). The liver is designed to 
    help filter natural toxins; the more foreign substances 
    and man-made toxins you ingest, the more difficult it 
    is for your liver to do its job. Processed foods can 
    significantly impact liver health in a negative way. Try 
    sticking to the outside of the grocery store (fresh fruits, 
    vegetables, and meats). Fresh foods are usually near 
    the perimeter of the store, while processed foods tend 
    to be within the middle aisles.

  2. Minimize stress! Stress is a fact of our modern lifestyle, 
    and isn't likely to go away. When you're under stress, it 
    can wreak havoc in your body, especially the digestive 
    system. Stress can lead to insomnia and can cause our 
    bodies to "burn out". Lack of sleep, on top of making 
    you feel bad and crave foods you might not normally 
    crave, actually changes the way your body works. It 
    affects your hormones, metabolism, and appetite.

  3. Try to cook at home. Even eating "healthy" foods in 
    restaurants aren't always as healthy as they claim to be. 
    You don't know what sauces or ingredients they put in 
    the dish, whether the ingredients have been processed 
    in any way, or if contain preservatives. (Which goes 
    back to reducing and eliminating processed foods.) 
    When you eat food you cook yourself, you know what's 
    in the food and you don't have to worry about additives 
    or subpar ingredients.

  4. Monitor meat and dairy intake. Meat can actually be 
    extremely taxing on the liver if you consume too much. 
    The consumption of meat and dairy produce byproducts 
    in the body that the liver has to process, so limiting the 
    amount you consume can help our your liver! In addition, 
    if the meat you are consuming has been given hormones 
    or antibiotics, your liver has to process those too. There 
    are plenty of non-dairy substitutes that you can use when 
    cooking to help minimize your diary intake. You don't have 
    to stop eating meat and dairy, just be aware of the quantity 
    you consume.

  5. Do a liver cleanse! This can help flush toxins out of your 
    body and give your liver a helping hand. Detoxing is 
    important to keep your body healthy and can have many 
    benefits from better looking skin to improved mood, and 
    it can even support weight loss. Detoxing helps flush 
    toxins from your liver and other organs, which can help 
    them function more efficiently. Signs that you may need to 
    detox can include fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, rashes, acne,
    digestive troubles, and blood sugar imbalances. 

I hope these tips help, you to live a HEALTHY life. Get more
info on our LOVE YOUR LIVER Love Box, here <<

To Your Health!

Kevin DePina

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