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Published on 8/13/2020 additional information available

Just Launched - Could This Be Better Than Fôrsäge? (start with just 0.025 ETH)

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[ Please allow me to apologize in advance for the length of this email.
It is necessary as I'm sure you will agree after you've read it. ]

I have been very quiet for more than a few weeks because I've been
waiting on this new launch to happen and our team leader has
been working on a full done-for-you marketing system. The team
marketing system is just about finished but this is time sensitive
so I had to send you this info now. Thank me later!

Did you miss out on getting into Fôrsäge early or didn't get in
at all because it didn't feel right or because they have no product?

Then pay attention because this email is going to be extremely
valuable to you.

6 short days ago, Frank Hester and Dustin Langley launched a
brand new program called ETHads. This is basically a Fôrsäge
clone with some positive differences.

1. With ETHads you get advertising credits for your purchase
that you can use to promote any business, tool, resource or
affiliate product or service to a 100% Buyer audience.

2. ETHads has eliminated the high GAS fees. If you don't know
what that means, don't worry about it. Just know that we keep
more money.

3. Unlike Fôrsäge, you can use ANY Ethereum wallet you like
to pay and to be paid. You are not bound by just MetaMask.

If you are already familiar with how Fôrsäge works you can
Click Here Now and go watch a short 3.5 minute explainer
video. Then click on the Register button under the video to
get started. (but come back to this email and read the rest)

Timing is everything!

I know people who made 3000 bucks their first week in
Fôrsäge before they sponsored a single person. Because
they got in early or they got in under some leaders dropping
in spillover, which I and my upline are doing right now.

Ok, back to the details...

ETHads is global and you can start with as little as 0.025 ETH.
Right now that's under $10!

I strongly recommend you upgrade to Level 4 in both the EA1
and EA2 matrices so you don't miss out on any instant 100%

60% of the people joining upgrade to Level 4 right away.
20% upgrade to Level 8 or 9 right away.
The remaining 20% join at Level 1 or 2.

You cannot earn from a level that you have not purchased
yourself yet.

I joined and immediately upgraded to Level 4 in both matrices.

Because I know there will be leaders coming in who understand
that to make the big bucks you have to be positioned at the
highest level possible.

Either way, all of our goals are the same. To use our earned
commissions to upgrade to the next level until we are all at
Level 16.

And that is easy enough to do, as you will soon see.

Everyone can afford at least Level 1. That 0.025 ETH covers
the EA1 and EA2 entries and the transaction fees.

The point is to get in now before me and all the leaders
that come in start pushing this thing hard

Some of you are going to get lucky and have one of those
leaders fall under you.

Here are some resources that should help you...

If you don't already have any Ethereum or Bitcoin, the best
way to do this is to first go to Coinbase - here.

You can get it for your smartphone or for your desktop. It is
highly secure and supports lots of different crypto currencies.
And you can exchange any crypto for another in minutes.

The next thing you need to do is buy some bitcoin. You
don't have to buy a whole bitcoin. You can buy any fraction
of a bitcoin that you desire.

To do that, I have 2 recommendations for fast purchase of
BTC depending on where you are.

If you are in the USA or Canada, the fastest option is using
CashApp, a smartphone app.

If you are anywhere else, I recommend using PAXful. They
also have a mobile phone app.

When you buy whatever amount of Bitcoin you need, send
it to your Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet address. Then use the
Coinbase Exchange to swap some Bitcoin for Ethereum.

Keep in mind that there are transaction or network fees.
Try to calculate over what you actually need so you end
with more than enough.

Once you have the Ethereum in your wallet, you're
ready to get started with ETHads.

Start by going here and watching the video if you haven't
watched it yet. Then click on the register button under the

When you do your upgrades I will give you a little tip here...

Take your time going through the process. After you click
on the Pay button you will be redirected to the CoinPayments
(CP) website. The first thing you need to do is select the ETH
payment method. On desktop you just click on it and it turns
green. In the mobile app you click on a dropdown arrow to
select ETH.

Then you put the same email address you used to register
for ETHads
, then your first and last name. Follow the
instructions and use your Coinbase wallet to pay the correct
amount and copy and paste their wallet address.

NOTE: Coinbase will ask you to confirm one more time. I
always look at the first 3 and last 3 characters of the wallet
address on their website and compare it to the one I just
copied and pasted to make sure I didn't cut off any leading
or trailing characters.

It takes about 5-10 minutes for the payment to clear CP.

Then it takes another 10-20 minutes for the ETHads system
to process it and create your positions.

So don't get crazy if you login after CP shows it's PAID and
ETHads doesn't show you as paid yet. Give it some time.

After you pay for Level 1, which puts you in both EA1 and
EA2, to upgrade to the next level you have to do each one
separately. Pay for EA1 L2, then pay for EA2 L2. And so on
for each level upgrade.

You will notice that each subsequent level costs twice as
much as the previous level. But 1 cycle pays you more
than enough to upgrade to the next level. So plan on
doing that and don't stop until you're all the way up to
Level 16.

Then you're going to be making crazy money every day.

Our team has EXCLUSIVE team lead capture pages, follow
up emails, video and video page, as well as walk-thru
illustrations or videos with screen shots.

Get in and get upgraded. Then grab your sp1 affiliate link.
That's the one that has that short video. Send your link
to anyone you can think of who can use a windfall right

Do not decide for them. In other words, if there's someone
you're thinking about, but for whatever reason you don't think
they would join, that would be deciding for them. Don't do
that. Present it as a way to make some very good money
with the #2 crypto currency in the world.

Kevin DePina
Connect with me on Facebook


PS. My username or user ID is 2117. That's what you will see
as your sponsor. If you don't see a sponsor name or number
there, enter 2117. When you tell someone about this, tell
them the same thing but give them your user ID instead of

PPS. Once you've upgraded, contact me on Facebook to let
me know you're in and what your ID is because that's all we
can see is the ID number. I will then give you access to our
private Facebook group so you will have all the tools needed
for success.

PPPS. Last thing... take lots of screen shots! Every time
you earn a commission, no matter how big or small. Add
the date to each one. I will show you how to use that later
to get a ton of referrals.

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