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Published on 10/23/2014 additional information available

Should I Be Marketing My Business Online? by Rachel Poulter

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Some would rather say why wouldn't you market your business online? The way that people shop nowadays has changed from 5 years ago. Many of us now shop with convenience in mind, rather than taking a leisurely stroll down the high street. Whether you're at work in your lunch break, or at sat on the sofa hastily trying to find a last minute present, it always tends to be on a laptop or a smart phone. So to make the most of your business, you want to advertise it where people are looking. Directories and yellow pages are becoming a thing of the past, so you do not want to advertise your business somewhere where your market doesn't look. The internet is becoming available to those of all ages, so here is why you should want to get your business on there too.

It is an extremely targeted way of pinpointing your audience. You know who your target market is, and therefore it makes it very easy to tailor your website and advertising to suit them. If your website is aimed for children, it is going to be full of fun and games in order to capture them, whereas doing this for adults would not appeal to them.

You can also track your hits instantaneously, making this a very good way to find out how much interest you are getting to your website, and how many of these hits are turning to sales. You are able to recognise any problems. Perhaps your problem in this instance may be that your ordering process is too complicated so customers will give up and shop elsewhere, a problem which you can then solve.


With the internet, you can market near enough to the whole world, giving you tremendous chances at sales. Once your business starts to grow, the internet is a great foundation to get your name out there. With the addition of social media, for example Facebook and Twitter, it is now easier than ever to take your business anywhere. This can enable your business to become a large scale, international, iconic name if you want it to. And it's also at a fraction of the cost.

It's also an impressively fast way to get information to anyone. People nowadays will pick up their phone or tablets to search the internet to get information. What can be faster than that? So getting your website to these places is inevitably going to give you the upper hand over others. Also, ensuring that your website is mobile responsive will please your customers as it will be mobile ready without them having to faff around scrolling and zooming to read text. If this is the case, customers will unsurprisingly go elsewhere.

Finally, it is very cost effective to use online marketing and advertise to such a wide range of potential customers. It is much cheaper than paying for a newspaper, radio or TV advert. This is a big advantage to businesses, particularly as costs can escalate quickly. Nonetheless, marketing is such an important aspect for your company, it cannot afford to be ignored, but it can be afforded to invest in online marketing.

Amongst other aspects of your business, it can be very stressful to manage all parts of it, so investing in the skills and expertise of a web design company can be priceless to get your online marketing started.

Companies in Watford and further afield have turned to Urban Media for their help. They will personalise and custom your website to your needs and objectives of the business. Working with you closely, Urban Media Watford will be able to design and create your website to attract customers and increase your sales.

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