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Published on 9/16/2014 additional information available

Power Team - Essentials For Network Marketing Team Building by Justin D Murphy

#networking marketing


The biggest problem in network marketing today besides the problem of 95% quitting without getting any real results, is building a team only to wake up one morning to an empty downline.

What gives?

Why do they quit?

How come no matter how hard the sponsor tries to keep the team together, they just pack up and leave?

Here's the main problem:

Focusing too much on the team.

That's it. The team will do what you do. So if you're focusing on motivating your team to take action, they're going to do the same with their team.

Worse though, is when you have people in your downline who don't have anyone to help. Then they feel bad, but since you're helping your team but not focusing on the front end sales, no one else will.

The result?

A stagnant team that doesn't grow and eventually leaks away members like water through a flour sifter.

So what do you do?

#1 Focus 85% of your efforts on PRODUCTION.

Getting new members into your team to fight attrition (e.g. Quitting Members)

#2 Build Your Team The Right Way

1. Copy + Paste

*Only do this when you have absolute permission to do so. Some people just don't allow it.*

  • Take emails from your sponsor and send them down the line to train yourself and your team.

This helps them know what to do as well because remember, what you do... they do.

  • Find leaders throughout the industry, ads, emails, swipe files, etc. Copy and paste to your list (ONLY with permission).
  • Train yourself by using these swipes, ads, sales letters, etc, and writing them in your own words with your own stories, then sending them to your list and to your blog.

2. Conference Calls.

  • Conference calls are an excellent way to motivate a team into action, but should never be used to replace pure action.
  • Teach very little "how to" and focus on success stories, personal development and answering questions. Don't waste your time.

3. Webinars.

  • In the same way as conference calls, webinars can also be used. Of course, walking team members through the back office and other important first steps is good, but remember this very important rule: Facts tell, but stories sell.

Your team, is your team, but you're not turning them into customers until they've bought products from you on multiple occasions.

  • If you're giving value (motivation, training, stories, etc.) then people will LOVE buying from you and you won't get any objections. So give value first.


Here's the short answer.

Until you're making at least $10,000 per month (although I recommend $30,000 per month) consistently, you have no business building a team site.



What are you going to teach them? How to build a team site? Certainly not making money because you haven't even quit your job yet.

Your team needs to learn from people who are already having great success, sorry but this isn't you when you're just starting out.

Hey, I'm just telling the truth.

Until you're able to have a large and consistent income, you're not the person they need to learn

from the majority of the time, your leaders are.

So get your team in front of leaders as much as you possibly can, which is exactly why events are so important.

Love you all! Work hard, serve others, and be the next success story in your company by taking massive action TODAY.

Justin Murphy is an expert internet marketer who loves to see others succeed. For more info, visit:

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