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Published on 10/18/2019 additional information available

Leveraging Sales & Conversions Like A Pro

#Leveraging Sales & Conversions Like A Pro| #MrInspiredMind
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Okay again shoutout Adrian.
FMOTD and making major moves!

"What up, What it is, and what it will be people?"

I thought I'd open up with a borrowed line from one of my favorite people.

Every time that line plays in my head I light up.
Nothing but great feelings come over me.

I get fired up to do something good for other people
To achieve something great.

I figured right now,
It'd be fitting to borrow that energy and bring it to our conversation.

The reason being is simple:
This guy and I have a great friendship that has grown out of a wonderful business relationship.

People all over the world:
Feel like they know him.
Either love or really like him.
More then anything they trust him.

In my experience;
He's NOT the MOST TALENTED sales person.
He's NOT the MOST PROFICIENT presenter.

Run a conference call that had people from all over the world tuning in to hear him give his thoughts of the day however.

At the end of the call he'd remind people to be great and to run towards opportunity not away from it.

Did you know he almost never spoke about specific opportunities.
He focused on enriching the experience of those whom experienced him.
As a byproduct of this he was a Top Producer in multiple opportunities.

This man was present for a lot of meetings of the minds in which the trajectory of online MLM was widely impacted.
I'm saying this to you right now not to hype him up,
I won't name drop him.

I'm saying this to you right now so you can see a bigger picture.
It's not about making your offer #1 and the focal point.

It's about leveraging you!
People buy from people they know, like and trust.

I mean,
I don't love McDonald's but I trust their brand to get it right for me.
I trust their process and know I don't have to second guess ordering food if I'm really hungry and not trying to wait to eat.

You aren't McDonald's.
YOU ARE a brand.
Your brand is just lessor known to the people.
It's up to you over time to become recognized and remembered to people as the brand that you are.

But for right now,
You're not at YOUR PEAK yet.
That's not your fault.
You can only control what only you can control.

That's your messaging and your presentation.

In your content remember you are the key to whole equation.

If you're a chef,
You better be leveraging you not just talking about how people need to eat.

If you simply focused on people eating daily,
McDonald's the brand would not hesitate to take their money.

How does that help you?

It doesn't.

As a chef YOU need to BE THE VALUE!
You don't just want people understand if they don't eat, they die.

You want people to know if they don't get YOUR food they've yet to live.

That way,

If not,
There's alot of unknown sources I could thank for transactions past.
There's even more I can thank for transactions future.

They plant the seed,
But I reap the rewards.

Exhibit A:
Working in Home Improvement is fun (to me).
So whilst designing rooms and selling tile this happened:
A couple went to a discount tile place.
They were looking at doing their backsplash.
They were considering doing it themselves.
The other store told them they in fact could do it themselves.They decided to in fact buy tile and do the project.
They picked out $300 total in materials at the other store.
They did not buy however.

They met with me.
Had to wait for me to have time to consult with them.
I closed them in under 60 minutes.
They spent almost $4,000 with me.
They bought all natural stone.
They went home and tore out the Kitchen floor.
They redid all of the Kitchen tile.

How is this relevant?

I see people doing this all the time.
They are scared to value themselves enough for the consumer to respect them.
Notice I said consumer, to me people aren't customers until they've swiped with you. 

People invest their time to sprinkle an idea on people BUT,
They don't allow themselves to capitalize.

This to me is not okay.

I believe in you.
I believe IF you do the work,

Wanda has done a great job recently at including herself in her call to action.
This is a job well done.

After reading her content, I think about Wanda, not the company.
In fact if it wasn't for direct conversation with Wanda, I'd have no idea what the company was.

I know what Wanda can do for you, and I know if you want that service, to see Wanda.

That's branding,
That's relevance,
That's positioning YOURSELF to reap the rewards of your efforts.

It's not that Wanda is the only one,
It's that I wasn't online to give her kuddos on her efforts in becoming FMOTD.

So instead of a little shout,
why not include her in the conversation of doing things the right way?

Her style is different then mine.
Her style is different then the fella I started this conversation off with.
It's different then most.
It's supposed to be.
Her style is her style and she's focusing on being her best self.
She's got value.
She's valuable.

So are YOU!

Every opportunity is different.
Every angle to leverage is different.
What's not is simple, YOU.

Put YOU in everything YOU do.
VALUE YOURSELF, and generate sales.

If you're true to you,
People will begin to love you!
They will run through a wall to support you.
They will buy from you, because you're you.

Don't focus on the product, the company or even solely the solution.
YOU are the key to their solution, as it's not a solution that's worthy unless it's a solution with you!

Let's grow!!!

sidenote: Quit trying to please EVERYONE with your content. People don't connect to vanilla garbage. People connect to things they emotionally can connect with. Go ahead piss of 60% of the population. Seriously, that still leaves you with OVER 1 BILLION PROSPECTS who may have ignored you but love you for expressing how they feel.

If nobody ever posted content you could connect with, would you be here right now? Probably not right? Save your plain facts, but shout to us your truths.

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