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Published on 10/18/2019 additional information available

What''s Your Purpose For Using The IBO Toolbox Platform?

# #TogetherWeAreUnstoppable #LifeIsToBeEnjoyedNotAnnoyed

Hello everyone,

Today, I was going through my IBO Toolbox account in order to delete “associates” NOT active on the IBO Platform in over 90 days. It surprised me [that] almost ONE HALF of my associates have NOT been active in over 90 days. Then, I remembered a comment Ms. Wanda K. Robinson [BTW, she is AWESOME!] made about my last PR.

Here is a portion of her comment: “Interesting Barry, as you may know by now marketing to IBO members is going to be very hard for all of us already have what we want. IBO is the place for members to help push you back out to the internet for others to see again and again, writing in a way to get their attention”… 

I totally agree with what Wanda said. Nonetheless, this is NOT the perception of MOST individuals joining the IBO Toolbox Platform “seeking MORE people to join their team/business”. I’m going to give you TWO examples of why individuals have this perception.

Reason #1: IBO Toolbox markets their Platform as the largest and most active marketing social network on the planet [this is illustrated on the Google search engine]. This can be interpreted by one individual to have one meaning and a different meaning to another individual. I’m a firm believer in the following; perception can [sometimes] be deceptive, because it’s usually based on interpretation instead of facts. Meaning, IBO Toolbox is NOT being DECEPTIVE, but uses a “Marketing Campaign” slogan that will attract MORE members. GREAT Marketing strategy and it WORKS!

Reason #2: How do you think I found IBO Toolbox? I received an email from someone telling me how much success they enjoyed signing up “NEW MEMBERS” for their business opportunity. They could help me achieve the same success. In order to get the best results from IBO Toolbox, I was instructed to “use this link to sign up for one of their PAID services”. Yeap, you guessed it; This was his “secret way” to make money, because he was receiving referral commissions from those using his link to purchase a paid membership. PLEASE DON’T MISINTERPRET WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY HERE! There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with purchasing IBO Toolbox products and MANY IBO Members will say the “same thing”. The problem is, you have these unscrupulous individuals using the IBO Toolbox to generate income “knowing MOST individuals on the IBO Platform already have a business opportunity” they are trying to PROMOTE instead of joining another team/company” [just as Wanda stated in her response to my PR]. ***The individual who sent me the email is NO LONGER using the IBO Platform and NOW sending out the SAME email, but using a DIFFERENT Platform*** 

End result; if you are seeking to have many IBO members join your business opportunity, it better be the “NEXT OPPORTUNITY CAPABLE OF WALKING ON WATER” or you will probably be disappointed with your results. However, if you are trying to BUILD a BRAND, the IBO Toolbox Platform is the PERFECT platform to share knowledge, build friendships, and get your business promoted to more outlets than you can imagine. I know this, because although I have NO sales from IBO members for my NEW business [I do have members from other sources], IBO Toolbox is CONSTANTLY helping build/promote my brand. How? When I post messages, I add my website link, when I post PR’s I share my website link with visitors, when I advertise [visitors click a link going to my website], when I comment on other members posts and PR’s, they will [more times than not] look at my profile. All these SERVICES FOR FREE!!! 

Thanks for reading my PR and have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!

With much love and blessings,

Barry Davis

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